Monday, June 18, 2007

Weird Things About Me, Part 2

More wierd things about me!! Click here for the first part.

1. I say something when I feel like it... Especially in the 'Net (ie. "pork! pork!", "hello", etc...). You'll hear more in reality.

2. Very inquisitive. When I say 'very', I mean veeeeerrrrryyyyy. I almost ask anything. Even if it doesn't concern me

3. I once shrieked when we've heard that Sir Obsequio is absent. Then Sir Jay came bustling into the room and asked who shrieked. Though, I slipped because everybody pin-pointed Allan because he was screaming the time I shrieked. (Sssshhhh)

4. I mutter to myself a bit when I want to express my feelings that badly... [Mutter! Hindi talk!]. Unlike, --- ------. Hahaha. Weeeehhhh

5. I can twist my tongue. A gift I learned from my favorite cousin, Ate Ana Mae, while we went to Pangasinan for a little vacation.

6. I can make my left ear move. Pwede rin sa right, pero konti lang. One time in my elementary days, I think that was grade 2 or 3 or 4, we were talking about dogs which can move and waggle their ears freely. And I reacted. "T'ser (which sounded like 'chair'), bakit napapagalaw ko ang tenga ko?" Then our science teacher dared me to move my ears. Everybody clapped! Thank you! Good show!

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