Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Secret Files: The Unknown Side of Teachers

Every now and then, I've been inquisiting teachers very well. I've wanted to come up to this post one day after I've finished...and... here it is. Warning: InLab people of MunSci... I FORBID YOU TO READ THIS IN FRONT OF A TEACHER! WAAHH!!

Ms. Ventura - why is there always a bird chirping in your class? (hindi nyo gets no?) Kasi naman, pag magsulat sa whiteboard, sobrang diin. And you know, while writing, there's this chirping sounds...

Ms. Maglinte - no comment...better than ****** Barado

Sir Eman - wahahaha! Kapatid ata ni Ronerick! LoL. "Magnitude yung ginagawa ng mga Diglet". Ay, mahilig sa Pokemon! And there's a rumor flying by that he is a MunScian-turned-teacher.

Sir Marcelliano/Marci - ano bang meron sa kisame at palaging tumitingala at tingin nang tingin kung saan-saan si sir?

Ms. Diquit - I've heard of "measure", "if", and "pair" but not "may(as in the month of May)sure", "ef", and "fair"

Ms. Olea - DORY!! HAHAHA!! Ang hina magsalita grabe... I dislike Math na tuloy...

Ms. Figuracion - magaling, magaling, magaling! Another Sir Obsequio personality

Ms. Esguerra - cool english teacher!

Sir Wong - no comment

Sir Jay - I should have said "no comment" for him last year and until now, if he wasn't showing us that he's have a perverted mind.

I think that's all... Oh well, thanks for the tag, Edrun! I do appreciate you very much.

Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!



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