Thursday, December 27, 2007

Emo Assault

A new form of hard-rock music bangs in our world today, informally known as emo. Emo is basically "in" in today's fashion trend. But what is emo? Is it wearing tight, skinny jeans, vintage shirt, thick nerdy glasses, and or canvas sneakers coming in with signature bangs or someone who you find dark, mysterious, lonely, or friendless? Emo was a mere music genre associated with a unique fashion which now turned the whole world upside down. It gravely influenced the psychological thinking of a person, making him entirely emotional.

In general, emo is simply a shortened term for emotional. According to Wikipedia, emo is a style of rock music, purely a genre of punk rock which now has its dress and attitude code. Emos regard themselves as cool beings, but some think otherwise. A number of people may consider emo as cool and poised. The scale - dark colors - is not liked by many. Personally, black symbolizes the darkness of one's personality.

Being emo also means being ready to be criticized. Critics point out the sexual preferences of male emos and are usually regarded as homosexuals. Emo has been a target of criticism as certain fashion trends and attitudes are being associated with it. Die-hard patrons of this music tend to associate themselves with the striking and emotional lines depicting depression, darkness, death and self-destruction. The real problem is the weakness of teenagers. Being under the overemotional hardcore too much may give rise to horrible consequences. In this case, emo hardcore should be avoided.

Therefore... I am not emo... *sticks out tongue*

That's all for now. Evanesco!

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