Sunday, November 26, 2006

Union Church of Manila

It's very relieving having a church service at a peaceful area... But do you know where I go to church? The answer; Union Church of Manila at Makati City just near Greenbelt I.

The statement that appears on the front of the church bulletin each Sunday contains a historical note on Union Church of Manila (UCM) and their mission:

Union Church of Manila is an English-speaking, self-supporting, evangelical Protestant congregation, established in 1914, in response to the needs of the growing American population. We welcome people of all nations and denominational backgrounds as we continue to fulfill the unique calling to serve the needs of the international community. We seek to be a worshipping, praying, studying, caring, servant community, centered in Jesus Christ as Lord. We preach and teach Christ as Lord. We preach and teach Christ as attested to in the Scriptures in order that all might become mature in Him.

A more succinct version has been developed into a purpose statement:

"People of All Nations
United in Christ
Centered in Christ
Maturing in Christ"

The history of Union Church of Manila is a story of faith - faith in the guiding hand of an Almighty Father, a pillar of fire leading his children through a wilderness of difficulty and bounty, war and peace, disappointment and triumph, despair and hope - but always and ever delivering them from the darkness of night to the brightness of day.

Many foreign people go to church here. Sometimes even artists. I see some every Sunday. What I adore most is that there are two types of services: Contemporary and Traditional. Contemporary service starts with the Worship Team to sing praise and worship. Traditional is longer. Their choir is absolutely amazing!!

That's for all now, I'm still memorizing our speech choir piece; The Charge of the Light Brigade.

See you next time on my next post.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas is coming...

Hey there! It's been a long time since my last post. It's just been a very busy weeks, days,...that looks like years to me. Today we went to SM Makati to buy things for our Science and Technology tomorrow. I've got this frantic cellphone messages that Manny Pacquiao won at the third round.

However, arriving from church and shopping, our neighbors were screaming noisily. I think they were overjoyed of Pacquiao winning. Well, it's in his hands the glory of our country will be redeemed.

Yesterday was our card giving..., giving me a headache, ugh! Don't even think of asking me what is my rank. Nonetheless, I'll perfecto them this quarter. I'm really so much excited for the Christmas, presents, Christmas tree, presents, caroling, presents, feast, presents, family bonding, AND PRESENTS!!

Haaaayyyy... more summative tests, pop quizzes, seatworks, assignments, and recitation to come before holidays. Oh, and this "Salakot dance". But those who are joining the camping on Subic will be exempted. What do you think? Will I join at the field demo Salakot dance or at the camping jamboree?