Friday, June 08, 2007

Changed for the Better and Worse

Finally! The end of the first week of classes... I was hoping on writing this post since Monday. But today is my only chance of writing because of so many assignments, requirements to bring (one my bag zipper almost popped up because of so many things in it and fortunately my dad fixed it immediately when I got home a while ago), designing of notebook (art materials propped out everyday), and quizzes (imagine!?! Quizzes on the first week!?! Lang'ya).

The point of this post is argue about the new system the DepEd had ordered to all NCR schools. How infuriating! Do we have to walk in and out of the class!? Yes, being back to MunSci is perfectly nice. But I imagined the hard work they (teachers) have had let us through on our first year. How difficult would be on our second one? Surely worse. That made me nervous... and then this "Hi I am Reniel blah blah" or the introduction to one another. I haven't imagined that the system had changed! I thought the grading system is the one going to be changed! And then... I just sat beside Shaine on my first day... talk about worse... that's the worst. Well, I tried making friends with her again. Though, may, you know, pa rin. I hope all of these makes me a better student...

One of my problems before the school year was this commute thingy... I don't know and don't want to commute! That's is why I am not talking to my mother. Well, about commuting... There was this time, that was last Thursday, we had our first choir meeting and practice of school year '07-'08. Well, I can't tell my dad that I will be going home late. Just then, after the practice; missed calls at sandamak-mak na text message from Kim, mom, and especially dad. I called Kim because I know it will be a lot more easier and for me not to wait for her reply anymore. I told her I'll go there in a few moments or so. Well, Marty and Ronerick, who I go with nowadays, have already left, and Jojie's the one left to go with me because she *ehem* lives to at *ehem* Laguna *ehem*. LoL. With that, Jojie wanted to take Bukid rather than Bayan, where I was supposed to meet Kim at 7-Eleven. I called dad because I know he texts slower. Ayun, there was a shouting match... (cannot tell what happened)... I took the Bukid route. And took off in front of Jollibee where Kim and dad are already waiting. I explained that I had a choir practice that's why I didn't reply ASAP and go home late. At home, dad was saying that I didn't call him... Imagine!? Hindi ko daw siya tinawagan!? Tapos sabi ni mommy na pumunta pa daw ako sa Bukid pero malapit na ako sa Bayan!? I didn't even took the Bayan route! And then dad reckons I was using a lame excuse to cover na hindi ko daw siya tinawagan!? How dare him!!

Ooohh... "*cough* midgets! *cough*" I choke whenever we pass onto first years. The only thing I call them that is because 1.) they're small and 2.) they're snob...

I'm proud of having a 100 grade on my English notebook even if the design isn't complete yet! Oh, noes! The only thing is... Ms. Esguerra might be reading this blog right now and some other classmates... Well, after putting my e-mail in my notebook, many of my classmates added me in their Y!M lists.

We have no classes on Monday because the holiday was changed to that day to make our classes consequently. All of our Diagnostic Tests or Pretests were given this first week. All we have to do is make our scores lower. "Mas maganda nga kung hindi niyo na sagutan, eh" one teacher said.

That's all for now! Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!


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