Friday, June 22, 2007

The Week So Far

It had already been three weeks at MunSci. And yet there were so many things that already happened in a regular MunSci life; quizzes, summative tests, oral recitation, group reporting/group work, role playing, practices, passing of requirements, research, experiments, assignments, seatworks, and many more.

I had just been recently added to the choir. And got to add more in my "friend list". Thanks to the 'Net. Ayoko mag special mention.

As of now, I have to finish an AP take home quiz, a portfolio about the stages of friendship, an arguementative text on Filipino, SciTech assignment, copy notes... (basta notes). What makes my worries go away is when I'm watching Pokemon Advanced and Chronicles, the one Marty just lent me, and when I'm reading a book or novel.

Yey! July 2 here we come! The whole choir will sing at the inauguration of Aldrin San Pedro, the new mayor, we'll be exempted! Urgh. My weekend is ruined. We will design classrooms tomorrow, do our SPEDRA group project, and choir practice. In the good side, may allowance naman kami sa pagkanta and may kainan sa July 2!!

That's all for now! Evanesco!

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