Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Summer

Never a minute I've been thinking about summer these days, as you know the school year is coming to an end. Though, us MunScians still have classes until the first week of April, even though our periodical test are next week. I'm thinking summer...maybe back at Pangasinan? That's a good choice. Or maybe, read hundreds of novels or books throughout the summer.

Come to think of it, when I spend summer at home, I could watch Pokemon all week! All day! By the way. The fourth generation of Pokemon has finally begun. All Pokemons now have english names (which was leaked from Gamefaqs) and the Sinnoh region series are starting this summer. Which I can find YouTube a little useful. I also found a trainer card making site. Here's mine:

Wishing it's summer already... How 'bout you? Oh, I'm also planning to transfer to WordPress but I don't know how to use it... If you do, please tell me.

Until next time, see 'ya

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Going Ons at MunSci

My!! So little time, so much to do. I can't even decide what to do on my free time. Either post here or do something else of more importance. A week after my last post, that day was Monday, aired the entry of my schoolmate, Kuya Ivan Coronado(4th year), in the noontime game show, Game KNB? So, it was him who stepped on to the next round which was aired the day after that, Tuesday. If you've watched, you'd know that he won the 1M which is still not given to him until this March. I planned to become a moderator of PKMNph that time around.

The next day, I started greeting everybody a "Happy Valentines Day!". CH-Armstrong gave me a token, a giraffe stuffed toy as precise, for the gift I gave her last Christmas. Of course, I would never forget the practice of the JS-Prom. Haaay, you know Jan Manual of Starstruck? He went to school to cast for votes. Then, a group of San Beda's visited at school. Oh, I also wouldn't this one. We went to Festival Mall to do a project. Some kind of shopping spree wherein we must buy 7 items to fit in a 100 peso bill. Aaand... our group did it!! We got 100% in our project at Elective Math!!

A week after that. More things came up. Summatives, quizzes,... the usual. Also this is the week for practicing our cultural dance, Salakot for us and Maglalatik for the others. Feb. 28, we don't have classes for this...NAT(National Achievement Test), I think. March 1, 2007, we still don't have classes because it's Muntinlupa Day, yay!! Oh, March 2, my father's birthday. Then, March 3, the cultural presentation, which shattered my nerves.

Ah... this week is unique, this is the time where we vote for the next SC(Student Council). The parties S.I.G.E.E and S.U.R.E interrupts some of the classes to campaign. Then March 6, is the Meeting de Advance of the parties and the actual voting. The next day, I've heard that people have voted all members of S.U.R.E which dismayed me. And then, there's this note passing around that we have a field trip at March 31! How exciting! They also announced who will join DAT(Division Achievement Test). This day, we have classes in payment for the suspension of classes in the week when Storm Milenyo striked.

Oh! So much to do. That moderator test took up a lot of time... I'm also working on a novel to join in a contest about a overview of my life... I sure hope I finish it

That is all. I hope to post more oftenly to keep this blog more alive.