Monday, December 31, 2007

Year-Ender Holiday

Christmas holidays this year had been boring. Nothing but stuck inside the room. Good thing that there is the internet that would certainly occupy my boredom. Two weeks for a Christmas vacation. Not enough for a second year like me. It would be if it weren't for that many tests we had and would take. The National Achievement Test, the Division Achievement Test, the MOCK Test, the Division Periodical Test and Teacher-Made Periodical Test we would take next year.

Today... is New Year's Eve. I can't imagine myself writing this blog post in someone else's house... out of boredom. The time is really ticking too fast. If you want to know where I currently am, I am in my tita's home at Quezon City. Boy, having my other cousins with me is sure enjoying. Though, I think they're overusing my laptop a bit..., playing DotA. What could I do? I brought it here because of them. A while ago, I ran their sari-sari store, while they were eating, along with my cousins. Kim will be left here on the following days so I have to enjoy with them for a little longer. I went over to their house at the "other side" of the village or whatever you call it, wherein it includes on crossing a dinky bridge.

Right now, I still think our Christmas vacation is not enough. I've been going nuts about that neglected project on Araling Panlipunan. And I asked my classmate when we met at the municipal hall of Muntinlupa for the Rizal Day yesterday. What holds of my destiny tomorrow... or shall I say, next year? Could it be another year of surprise or same-old, same-old year?

Almost thirty minutes from now, it'll be New Year!

Happy New Year, guys! Evanesco!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Emo Assault

A new form of hard-rock music bangs in our world today, informally known as emo. Emo is basically "in" in today's fashion trend. But what is emo? Is it wearing tight, skinny jeans, vintage shirt, thick nerdy glasses, and or canvas sneakers coming in with signature bangs or someone who you find dark, mysterious, lonely, or friendless? Emo was a mere music genre associated with a unique fashion which now turned the whole world upside down. It gravely influenced the psychological thinking of a person, making him entirely emotional.

In general, emo is simply a shortened term for emotional. According to Wikipedia, emo is a style of rock music, purely a genre of punk rock which now has its dress and attitude code. Emos regard themselves as cool beings, but some think otherwise. A number of people may consider emo as cool and poised. The scale - dark colors - is not liked by many. Personally, black symbolizes the darkness of one's personality.

Being emo also means being ready to be criticized. Critics point out the sexual preferences of male emos and are usually regarded as homosexuals. Emo has been a target of criticism as certain fashion trends and attitudes are being associated with it. Die-hard patrons of this music tend to associate themselves with the striking and emotional lines depicting depression, darkness, death and self-destruction. The real problem is the weakness of teenagers. Being under the overemotional hardcore too much may give rise to horrible consequences. In this case, emo hardcore should be avoided.

Therefore... I am not emo... *sticks out tongue*

That's all for now. Evanesco!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Greatest Gift

As a Christmas special post to all of you:
Ephesians 1: 7-12 (NRSV)
7In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace 8that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding. 9And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, 10to be put into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment - to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ. 11In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12in order that we, who were the first to hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory.

Ah, gift giving. The traditional way of celebrating Christmas. Have you ever wondered what the greatest gift might be? Afar from gold, cash, Peso, whatever means of treasure. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, not making money. What is the greatest gift you've received? Everybody had received it since birth, the love of God. His love was given out by means of Jesus, the indescribable gift. That makes God as the great gift giver. As what is said in the text, we should count our blessings. Living in His world counts as a blessing. Soliciting, donating, etc... that's nothing.

For the year 2008, let us count our blessings and see and or witness all of God's greatest gift.

Merry Christmas, everybody! Maligayang Pasko sa inyo! Happy holidays! Evanesco!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chrismas Smarties

Then again, going to school early is my usual habit. And I've implemented it on the two Christmas parties I had this year.

First, our class Christmas party. Everybody went through that... well, I think except for those cave men. I had already given my presents early in the morning with some of my classmates but not my monito... or monita, heh. And what happens next is the last worst thing that I have heard. Grace, our classmate, had a road accident. Her dad phoned our adviser that we should continue the party without her. As usual, you know what happens next, they reacted to visiting Grace and having the party at the hospital instead. Brains please. Party? Hospital? I asked them, why they had to say that. They told me that it's because Grace shouldn't miss the fun. Wrong answer! Our adviser scolded them (those who attempted to visit Grace) and told them that the party should go on. And you can predict the happenings after that. Of course, a party isn't a party without games. Tapos kainan na! Ngayon naman ay may nawalan ng cellphone. Dumating ang mga parents na late na dalihin yung mga pagkain. I couldn't think of anything worse... Majestically, Grace showed up in the middle of our games! Yey! Then, gift giving! Tapos ayun, malling. Festival Mall

Second! Natuloy ang swimming-slash-Christmas party ng choir! Unfortunately, konti lang kami. Lalo na yung iba diyan na nagsasabing hindi daw sila pinayagan at hindi tuloy nakasama. Matamaan na ang matamaan, beh. *Lol*. I don't want to remember what we ate that time because I always remember that Jeanne and I had ate all the remaining pancit they ate. "Hard to resist" as we said.

How about you? What happened to your 2007 Christmas party? Evanesco!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Battle for the Intrams

Most of the students of MunSci ranted that the intramurals should be continued. The school superintendent had declined on the idea of a four or five day intramurals. Two of our school "leaders" had promoted a petition that would bring back the intramurals for only two days. Students kept on cursing our superintendent. And I, too, was one of them. Who wouldn't want intramurals not to happen? It is just an annual happening and "once in a blue moon" which some of my classmates had agreed upon.

So, intrams... yes, it was a success. But I found it real boring. Not unlike last year. My friends and I stayed inside the movie booth to keep away from the jailers of the jail booth. It is just a waste of ticket and a waste of money which I was planning to buy a new headphone. Going to the movie booth was convenient and useful. I had a chance to watch cool movies I haven't watched before. Like Pirates of the Caribbean and a Korean movie called as Windstrap. But there was this unfortunate time that we ran inside because someone was catching students with glasses and caught up with a horror movie! I hate horror movies! Sadly, after the movie, I was still caught!

If you are thinking about horror booths, yes, I tried it. Horror movies is different from horror booth, see? That means horror movies is not congruent nor parallel nor equal to horror booth. Big difference. It was really creepy inside. And the story the "girl" told us inside was plain pathetic. I've heard of it before, last year... I regretted so much after that. I've missed everything. My classmates had done so much while we waited so long for our turn in that booth! Ang init pa man din sa loob!

To my great discomfort, I was caught again and went to jail booth for bringing a gadget and or device! Laptop! Argh! Well, there are pros and cons for bringing it with me. My laptop now looks like Vista, thanks to Kiel. But it is still XP I would want my OS to change into Vista! My version of XP is genuine.

Ngayon, naghahanda na ako para sa Christmas party bukas... tapos malling... tapos goodbyes... then, Christmas vacation! ... Then school again... nOoOoO...


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Wishlist

Extract from "A Notebook of Random Thoughts by RECA"
December 12, 2007

Random Thought # 2: Christmas Wishlist

There is a news about a world-record longest Christmas wishlist. This had intrigued me and made me make my own wishlist! (If you're planning on giving me a gift, here's a list of what I want hahaha).

  • world peace
  • more friends
  • all editions of Monopoly
  • Pokemon figurines
  • X-Box 360
  • computer headset with microphone
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Rubik's Cube 12 x 12
  • new laptop
  • new Nokia cellphone
  • love (requested by JJ)
  • new set of clothes
  • a trip to Hongkong Disneyland (yes, kahit sa Hongkong lang)
  • visit Trinoma!
  • P1000 share from choir contests earns
  • Uno Stacko
  • Uno Attack
  • Leroy and Stitch DVD
  • Pokemon: Secret Wonders deck
  • a year supply of pencils
  • ride a ferry boat/yatch/limousine
  • newly-improved blog design/layout
  • visit my relatives in either Cagayan or Pangasinan on Christmas day
  • Nintendo Dual Screen Lite
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • have all K-Zone issues
  • violin
  • a faster DSL or broadband internet connection
  • vandal-free armchair at school =P (imposible daw sabi ni Nikki)
  • aircon at full blast on Christmas holidays
  • learn how to play the piano, guitar, and violin
  • pile of blank notebooks
  • watch and read Death Note anime and manga
  • dictionary that includes the word "blog"
  • reconnect the cable connection
  • watch Disney Channel during the Christmas holidays
  • learn how to speak French and Japanese (to understand Pokemon anime, manga, etc. in Japanese)
  • finish the Pokemon anime series
  • 2 GB memory stick/USB
  • year supply of lasagna
  • subscribe to Garfield comics
  • be a wizard, lol
  • regrow King's fur (his fur was cut off when we left him in an animal house when we left for Cagayan)
  • master Photoshop
  • new television and sala set
  • the Christmas spirit lingering everywhere
  • new ideas for future novels
  • always Christmas
  • fulfill my new year's resolution
  • more friends on Friendster
  • visit all mall in the Philippines
  • car!
  • be featured to the media, lol
  • win something
  • Physics and Trigonometry incentives
  • travel through time
  • receive the title "Pokemon Master, freak, addict" whichever you prefer
  • be part of GMA's Countdown to '08
  • meet a GMA artist in real life
  • read/buy all books in Powerbooks Live
  • finish all MunSci Life series
  • not being out-of-place everyday next year
  • have the Christmas Tree standing in the living room
  • decorate the house
  • be able to play all online games for free
  • own credit card
  • Christmas chocolate chip cookies! (cookies for Christmas tastes good for me!)
  • pile of gifts on Christmas
  • grant all of the listed things above
I know some of them could not be granted, hah! But, good luck! *Laughs out loud* Evanesco!

Raw Memories

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday... I still remember all the things that happened those days as if they were yesterday.

I was excused from choir practice last Tuesday. I didn't have the heart of telling all my classmates about what happened and why I would be absent for the next few days. I really don't know why I feel mournful and excited at the same time. Was it because I'm going to see my relatives and have company?

Wednesday morning, we arrived at Aunt Melvie's, Uncle Roding's, and Kuya Marlon's place. Er... their houses are very near each other. As in they're just neighbors. We stayed in Aunt Melvie's house. Unfortunately, the only cousin to welcome us is Precious, a fourth grader. In the afternoon, we went to Tuguegarao City to print dad's picture, shop, pick a coffin design, and pick-up two of my cousins from school. Later that night, all we did was play Monopoly. I thought I would not fall asleep. But whatever, I'm not accustomed in sleeping late when there's nothing much to do... especially when the laptop's charger was forgotten!

Thursday, I was awake early in the morning. Maybe 4 or 5 AM, but I slept back again. When I fully woke up, everyone was at school or work. Ate Leny, my niece, Pamela, and someone I don't know arrived at around 9 in the morning. After eating breakfast, taking a bath, and eating lunch I slept the whole afternoon off. Then Precious and my nephew, Marvin, arrived from school. They brought "Pop Pop" with them. A safe explosive that would go "POP" when you throw them at the wall or ground or any other solid surface. They're very ticklish when thrown to your body. We played Monopoly again when all of my cousins arrived from school. Teacher Ludy, my kindergarten teacher and wife of Kuya Marlon, made me do the liturgy for Saturday.

Friday, wow. There were many guests when I woke up. "Bless ninong, ninang, tita, tito, bestfriend ni daddy, barkada ni daddy, classmate ni daddy" was the only thing my mom tells me whenever I pass the..... you-know-what. And so, that day I babysit nephews and nieces of mine. Grrr... I played with them. I almost lock the door of the room so that they could not see me. They insist they know how to play Monopoly. But they're kids! What do they know about money? And would you win if you would not buy anything except for Boardwalk [Who's out-of-place here?]? I went a trip to Centrough or whatever it's called. I was laughed at when I kept saying 'Centrum'. We bought softdrinks for tomorrow and soup ingredients for the night.
We practiced a song for tomorrow. 'Pati ba naman dito may choir!?'. We sung, played, eat, chatted, etc. that night. My mom reckons that this is what dad wants. Not being mournful. I think this is why I feel numb. My dad doesn't want me to be weak, crying, and should be supporting mom. I think he is also the reason why the stupid laptop charger wasn't brought so that I could concentrate to him and mom. Well, while we're playing Monopoly again, my mom told me that I should ready a speech for the burial tomorrow. I planned not to sleep. But when I decided to read K-Zone and Omnibus for a while in the room, I fell asleep, again!

Saturday! The final day I would be seeing him! Everyone woke up early. After all the readying and dashing and everything, a service took place. It was done in a Methodist style still we have to wear this uh... mourning pin. That's the time where I had to recite my speech too. Aww... flowers, balloons, burial... what's this? It looks like a party to me. The burial was the only time I've cried. After that, we spent the whole day doing last minute bonding with cousins. In the afternoon, we visited the grave and prayed over. Later that night, we ate dinner, packed our bags, and took off for the bus terminal. We didn't catch the Deluxe so we rode a normal bus instead.

Sunday. Home at last. My mom said she would buy me a new pair of rubber shoes. So we went to Festival Mall. Mom bought me a new Pokemon TCG deck while I bought Kim a Rubik's Micro Cube. She was addicted to Rubik's Cube when my cousins taught her how to do it. It's actually a mini Rubik's Cube but as small as a key chain. I was not yet ready to go to school that time.

Ate Jinky, Ate Honey, Kuya Jayvee, Kuya Michael... wah. I miss them! I want more company.

Life should go on, past is past. I don't want to remember this things anymore. We should keep moving forward! Evanesco!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Life and Lies of RECA

Wonder what's the last survey for? Yes, it's for knowing the current status of my life. Things you know, don't know, want to know, and don't want to know. The poem from Kevin's blog kinda reminds me of my life and what's happening around me. This is where it all begins.

Everybody knows me as cheerful, always smiling even amidst different problems. But they don't know that I hold a deep secret, actually it's not already a secret because I've told Tango about this already, inside me. Some kind of a phantom of the opera, if you know what I mean. I love math, yes. Though I suck in it these days. Trigonometry combined with Geometry followed by intermediate algebra is not a joke! I admit, I'm a kid at heart, just like my mom. It's happy being so young. I wish I regain youth... Speaking of youth, I just hate the past and the future. It haunts me, it makes me think of doing errors and make a fool of myself. All I know is some of my friends befriended me because of *kaching*. I am not from a rich family. I am from an average family that is rich with God's blessings. Well, not really average. Now... this is the deepest secret I will reveal, if you considered the above things as secret that is. Why do I make fun of other people? Why am I always connected to the 'net? Why am I exerting myself of irritating other people just to get noticed? Why would you see me doing anything almost anytime? It's because I'm avoiding my presence to the real world. I don't want to think of my problems. My friends are always there to help me. Thank you Nikki, Tango, Kuya Kev, Kuya Anjo, Kuya Pat, Ate Kamae, Ate Kon, Jeff, Mary, Jeanne, Edrun, JJ, Jommel, Eidref, Ronerick, Ken Marvin, Marty, Sarah, Nark, Eliz, Jastine, Jiorg, Gino, and to many others I haven't mentioned that would definitely fill this whole page up. They make me think that I am rich in friends. But what is my problem? Some already knew that my dad suffered from cancer. Specifically, in the throat. It all started there. That sickness was since 5th grade. It got worse every year. And it only affected his eyes and brain, I think, this year. The accident that I couldn't tell last summer, 2007, was the time he passed out jogging near the Sports Complex bay. I started to worry that time. Then, while my second year of high school passes on, I didn't notice that he couldn't see anymore and there's a big bulge on his right eye. He started to get thin too. During that time, I limited myself from going out. And I'm not kill joy, Edrun. If you think that I won't go with you guys at the mall. I wanted to see my father's face if he is near death. Then just today, I went at school and my dad's getting strange. You know, nangingisay-ngisay. Today was also our rehearsal for the Biazon contest to be held at Festival Mall Expo Trade Hall on December 8. So, after what happened at school day, I went home knowing that my father is dead. My mom told me that she didn't texted me because she didn't want me worrying and focusing on other things. But I haven't focused since then because I have sensed this already. My head ached and everything ached from me. I'm filled with mixed emotions. I don't know what to feel. I feel numb...

That is me. A person with random thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior, and everything. I know I am very difficult to be understand. I know you don't understand what the meaning of the other sentences are. And what's more is, I know you'll reread this post. Hah!

So that's all. It's up to you what you want to feel or do with me. Some people are just meant to be random! Evanesco!