Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mimbulus Mimbletonia

This weird plant is called Mimbulus Mimbletonia. A plant Neville got for his fifteenth birthday. As it was described from the book;

"[it] appeared to be a small gray cactus in a pot, except that it was covered with what looked like boils rather than spines"
"It was pulsating slightly, giving it a rather sinister look of some diseased internal organ". lol

What's so interesting about it anyway? Actually, It can squirt thick, stinging, dark green jets of liquid from every boil on the plant if you gave a sharp prod of it with something sharp. Isn't it cool? Haha.

Well, I just wanted to blog about this when Ron Weasley joked about the Hag, the Healer (what the Wizarding world call their doctor), and the Mimbulus Mimbletonia to Madam Rosmerta and didn't laugh. Afterwards, Ron sulked.

Thus, Mimbulus Mimbletonia was also the first password of Gryffindor Tower at the first week at Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts

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