Thursday, May 31, 2007

Worst Birthday Ever

Yes, you've read it right. Worst birthday ever. Well, you thought I was having fun a while ago when I was online... and yes, I was having fun. Not until we went back home. I was asking for this Pokemon DVD I saw on the way. Well, I thought I could convince mother, but no. She declined. Then, at the supermarket, I asked mother if I could buy myself what I want. She said 'no'. What on earth am I supposed to buy then? 'Something useful'. Anong useful nga eh! We've already bought my needs for school. After that, I've reminisced what we've done at Alabang Town Center today. Did she agree at first to make me look at my former learning center, Kumon? No. Did she agree taking the FX instead of the jeep? No. I tried to take a picture anything on my birthday but I completely forgot. I remembered but I forgot when I became angry.

Let me tell you something. This were the only things we did there:
  • Walk around for a while
  • Pay the cellphone bills (which we disturbingly waited for our number for sooo long)
  • Eat at Shakeys
  • Visit Kumon [because I bugged her]
  • Read at Powerbooks
  • Play at EGG, when I went online for a few mo' because I tried many online games
  • Visit National Bookstore to buy Kim her supplies
  • Then go home taking the jeep

After those, we went in Puregold to order a take-out food at Rice In a Box and buy Coca-Cola. I, then, asked if we could buy W.I.T.C.H for Kim. She said 'no'. I said; 'I'm going to use my money'. She said 'no' again. I asked if we could buy a DVD we could watch then said 'no' again.

But fortunately, those who greeted me raised my spirits slightly. I want to thank them.

  1. Gino who greeted me exactly at 12:00 AM & ...
  2. Jesmon who also did the same and I replied to them in the morning
  3. Kuya Patrick & ...
  4. Jeff who greeted me the time I went online before we go to ATC and greeted me again there when I went online
  5. Cadiz (she's the you-know-who I'm referring to. <3)
  6. Jemboy
  7. Jeremaeh or Maeh for short (SHE STILL REMEMBERS!?! Gosh! Yiheee! <3)
  8. Ken Marvin, yes, I'll evolve na into Quilava!! How 'bout you? Sa February ka pa magiging Dusclops... thanks sa tag
  9. Eidref
  10. Ate Kams & ...
  11. KC & ...
  12. Kim (KHQ) who greeted me because they received somewhat of a mail regarding my birthday ata. Haha. Anyway, thank you!
  13. Alexis & ...
  14. Nedith who still haven't forgot my birthday and just went online to greet me
  15. And to Kuya Mics
  16. Thank you Tita Didie and family. That wonderful email of yours was great! :D

That's all!! Thank you very much for visiting! This is Roonil Wazlib speaking. Haaayyy.....'bye. Eva-? What? Aren't they all complete yet? Hahaha.

  1. Not forgetting them either, hehe. Most importantly Kuya Kev and Kuya Anjo. They're always there to cheer me up... (except for those funny moments of Ronald Weasley at Harry Potter when I'm not online)
  2. To those who I forgot to mention just tag at the board :P

Okay. This'll be the cue. No more intrusions? Okay. Evanesco!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Homework-Eating Pet

This is something I just searched while surfing the 'Net.

I pretty wished King would do that. So I can have a reasonable and different excuse when I don't have homework. Especially at Elective Math or Unified Math...and Araling Panlipunan

This is just a pretty silly post. Short. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm an Innocent Child! Honestly! Seriously!

This will be my very first post about nothing but rants!

It all happened two days ago, that was Sunday, when we went to Baclaran for a new set of school pants... I wished bottled-green pants aren't very rare find. When we finished buying pants, my mom found a bag store and made me pick one... Argh! NO! This'll be the first time I will use f@<e bags at school. Then instantly, something popped out... I should have brought King and turn him back to his true owner. Speaking of which.

Trivia: That hand, holding the sunglasses (which is mine), is Kim's. This picture was taken from a Nokia 6070 cellphone. I was holding King's favorite toy to make him look at the camera. I think he's camera-shy, like me...

If you thought that's a human with furry hair on it's face, you thought wrong. That's King. That annoying "dude" keep on getting in my nerves. I mean, wouldn't he stop barking madly everytime he hears a cat meow or scuffle at the top of the roof? Or bark whenever our other dog barks. And can't he just eat his pork?!? He needs to be fooled before he eat his food. Speaking of food and porks... I just happen to think about my cousin... Why did she ever tell mom about my blog!?! She'll just have to sneak in my blog whenever she can't feel my presence. I was thinking about changing my blog link. That nosy, little demon, git! LoL. Speaking of 'nosy', 'git', and 'demon' why is Shaine still my classmate?? How wretched life is...

When my father helps me wash the dishes, he always wets my clothes...grrr... Sometimes I wish that I don't need his aid when he does that. Then afterwards he whines about helping me then I get mad. How stupid!

Silly me! Why didn't I noticed King Padua when I strode past them two days ago. I only saw him when his father said, "Classmate mo yun?". Argh. I didn't have the chance to say "hi" because of that... bag... I was gazing at a Sun Cellular advertisement. I didn't even notice that I was staring right through him. I became taciturn and silent. I pretended to be squeamish about it. And walked straight for the tricycle.

Now... somebody sent this to me

"Somebody just sent this to me...i'm just curious. Right click on the group name of your buddy list and click send message to all . Then copy this info and send this to all the people in this group. A new type of buddy list will appear after you send it . The new buddy list will tell you exactly where someone is, who they are talkin' to, and if they have more than one screen name it tells you what it is ha? it even tells u who r in the Invisible Mode coool =gm="

After I've sent that to some of my list, they all reacted. What!?! I was just trying it!! I'm curious! It'd be cool if there'd be something like that! Don't you dare mock me! LoL. For those who didn't receive this...sorry ka na lang... I stopped sending it after everybody reacted.

I'm feeling a bit down this week... to those who I've confided in, bless you. May dalawa pa akong irarant. First... kung sasabihin mo ay..."parang hindi ka yata excited pumasok. Gusto mo pa atang magbakasyon". Excuse me. This vacation is not enough. The school year ended late tapos maguumpisa ng maaga. Finally, pagtapos naming mamili sa Baclaran nung Linggo, napagisip-isip ko na masyado nang polluted ang mundo. Sana vehicles aren't smoke-belching in the future. Imagine riding in a bubble that doesn't pop. See? O, haha hindi na mapopollute ang Earth sa ganun. Speaking of bubbles, *ehem* before things. I'm going to advertise this. "*drum roll* Meet the Robinsons!!! JUNE 5!!! BUT WHY SOME OF THE TV STATIONS SAID IT'LL BE JUNE 6!?! NEVERMIND!! JUST WATCH MEET THE ROBINSONS!! IT'S A BUBBLE-BLOWING FUN!

PS. To Ate Rachelle: Thanks for the BIG tip and help

PPS. 2 days to go... -__-

PPPS. 6 days to go... -__-

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What's Happening to Me?

King is making this infernal scratching noise on the floor, trying to dig something maybe or just plain crazy dog. Those creaking noises annoy me everynight and then. I can't afford to sleep. Cockroaches....ewwwww! Those creepy crawlies often crawl up to me everynight. Unfortunately, they didn't bug my sleep last night. I am into a deep sleep.

Yesterday, I was forced by my parents to eat much at dinner. I told them: "Gabi na...konti lang please". My mom stacked another pile of rice at my plate. (Even if was my favorite viand, I don't like to eat much at dinner). Just then, I vomitted because of over-eating...ha ha.

I'm just soooo depressed these last weeks of the summer. As you may well know... the end of May.... is know. Birthday. I never liked birthdays. MY birthdays. I hate growing up. It's like having more responsibilities and lots. I've noticed that whenever I grow a year old, I'm becoming more and more bored. To make it more clearer: I hate my birthday and I hate growing up.

Summit Media's office was the best office I've ever been to. It was so cold in there. And even the guard looks intelligent and kind, he even offered us to take a seat while waiting for Elaine Natividad, the Prize Princes. I'm still not opening mine though, I'm waiting for my cousin.

Uh. The weather is unpredictable for me. I can't stand the heat! I can't stand watching the rain! I can't stand hearing the thundrous roar of the lightning! I can't stand Global Warming! Waahh!! Pano na kaya kung magcocommute ako papuntang school? NOOOOO!!! Ayoko magcommute magisa T__T.

I think I'd end it here or I'll end up saying something more waaaayyy out of topic. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco(disappears)!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Php1-4-5-0!! I need that much money to buy my own copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows without reserving at a bookstore. How could I!? If my friends keep on asking me to treat them on anything they want. As you know me, I couldn't resist saying 'no'...even to my worst *****, Shaine. Well, I still got her as a classmate for the upcoming year. Another misfortunate thing of my life.

Well then, I'll try my very best. It's just P1450. I mean, how long could I save something like that? The book will be out at July 21 anyway, I think.

To all of my incoming II-Evans classmates: Please...'wag muna kayo magpalibre for the first two months of my second year...haha. Magpalibre kayo kung tapos na. *beh* If ever ikaw si Nikki or Edrun; bakit ko kayo ililibre? Haha. Nilibre niyo ba ako ng something big?

Talk about money... Why do adults talk nothing but money?!? Oh well, it still doesn't matter to me just yet.

That's all for now! Haaayyy....'bye! Evanesco!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

May Dismay

The May air is starting to fade. The only exciting happening that occured this month was our swim at Splash Island last May 5, around first week of May. I thought this was a good impression of a good week after that...but no. A certain mishap happened to us and it gravely affected me even if it didn't concerned me.

I continued to hunt for tokens at the K-Zone Website in the hopes of winning a certain console... tama nga naman si Kuya Kev..."Things we do for an X-Box". Joining the K-Zone Scavenger Hunt is tiring. This day, I just became the second placer again. Then again, I know they'll catch up with me on the following day. Everyday I compete with Jacqueline Udquin (as I call; "the fourth placer guy, I mean gal), I think we're the only one who is going up and down... What I mean is, we are the only two who are moving from the Top 5 Hunters.

All I do here at home are eating, hunting tokens, playing GTA: San Adreas (ssshhh!! My dad doesn't want me playing this), washing the dishes, napping, sleeping, watching TV, reading [anything], [trying] to update my Friendster and blog, chatting, researching Pokemon articles, checking my mail, downloading songs for my cousin's MP3, downloading & watching YouTube videos, posting at K-Zone's Forums; the so-called KHQ (short for K-Zone Headquarters), moderating & writing posts at the new PKMN-ph. In short... I'm bored of my life [or perhaps just this month]!

Recently, or just yesterday, my mom, dad, and I went to Insular Life at Alabang to pick something up...dunno what it was. Then, me and my mom went at Muntinlupat Science High School (MunSci) for the Eskuwela Brigada '07. It is where we clean up the school. All the incoming second year are posted for Wednesday, May 23. Eh, our section, II-Evans, is for varsity or anyone who has joined choir, volleyball team, Rondalla, etc. Well, er... when we were cleaning...most of us were...noisy.... That means... Evans is dominated by Aristotle class.

My cousin, who I trust in hunting me points for the K-Zone Scavenger Hunt, who wakes up in the morning to hunt (kasi naman kung kailan maagang-maaga dun mabilis connection sa website ng K-Zone), have gone off for a while at her dad and mum's place at Quezon City. She'll be back this coming Sunday. I'm missing company. [And she hunts faster than my mom!!]

We'll be setting off to the city again tomorrow. My mom and dad's going at uh...dunno. While I claim my prize at the Summit Media office!! Weee!! Miuchiz or was that Muichiz?? Whatever it is, I'm excited.... My first prize, you see...

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'Bye.

P.S. To Mary; If you're reading this, thanks for the chocolate-covered macadamia nut, I do love it. Unfortunately, my other cousin (father side) ate two of them and mom the other. I only ate five. Iadd mo ko sa Y!M reniel_10 username ko. Did you plan for the overnight already?

  • Changed Kuya Pat's blog link
  • Deleted a repeated link of Nathan
  • Adding songs to my imeem playlist

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Six Weird Things About Me

I got tagged by Patrick to reveal the 6 weird things about me so here it goes… but first, I forgot to mention the rules. Hehe.

Each player of this games starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. If the clock struck 9 (both AM and PM), I always feel too giddy. (Well, I send much smiley and unecessary IM's whenever I'm online that time). Some thinks that I'm drunk... (I even added myself to chat with me)

2. I don't like canned foods and hotdogs. I'm tired of eating those since childhood whenever my parents have nothing to cook in mind. I think I'll vomit anytime when I ate one. Though, I don't understand when it's someone's cooking, I eat it.

3. In my pre-school days, I used to chase chickens down the creak and, accidentally, I slipped and my face and body was covered with mud and my my knees were shaking violently.

4. I have this mannerism of mine that I have to pinch and hold the tip of my collar when I am nervous or staring blankly in space, thinking.

5. I don't want my toenails to be cut because it's fun touching it ^~^ (I don't bite them, okay?)

6. I am clumsy... I hit anything unexpectedly. Just like Tonks of Harry Potter :P. It's not my fault! (Do I look like a jinx that way?)

Why 6? I'll have a go for 9... 6 is unlucky for me says my horoscope >__<

7. My stomach penetrates and make this gurgling sounds whenever I see bugs (I'm not Misty. I do not shriek like her. I pretend that I like bugs). Though, I don't know what got into me when I saw that African Nightcrawler during our field trip.

8. I have weird experiences with my previous pets...a hamster, guinea pig, bird (forgot what it was), dog, and fish... don't ask what happened to them... Only King and my other pet dog is my remaining house pets

9. They say, it's cute how I get mad... Does it?

I tag:





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