Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fun at Pangasinan

This Christmas is awesome! There's no other word for it. I wanted to write this entry since Monday but it is sooooo tiring to post that time.
Dec. 22:
This day is our Christmas party! Haha. There's a little blackout that day but it's okay, the party is still on. I received a gift from my classmate, four figurines of Pokemon. Others, meanwhile, promised that they would give me presents next year...maybe. After the party, at home, I packed everything I wanted to bring with me at Pangasinan, our province.
Dec. 23:
I can't sleep very well. I'm so much excited. I waited for 3am to come, then I waked my parents. My parents also said that her officemate, Tita Didie and her family will come with us to Pangasinan. We had so much stopover before Pangasinan. We ate lunch at Jollibee located at Luisita Mall and dinner at my mom's ex-officemate's house. We arrived at Pangasinan almost midnight. We all just slept. It was comfortable sleeping at the bahay-kubo.
Dec. 24:
Today is the day for swimming day! We went to Macaleeng to turn the boat we will use to ferry us to Hundred Island. Before lunch, we took off. There were rough waves splashing about. I was scared that we might sink and shoved off Pangasinan, what a laugh. While the others, specifically Tita Didie's son, Axel, stood up the boat and felt the splashing waves. My nephew, Pamela, cried because she wanted to go home, hehe. There were many resorts there. We picked the most beautiful and swum there. Afterwards, we went island-hopping. There's this cave that has dinosaur uh... marks on the wall. We also saw this island that was labeled: "Pinoy Big Brother".
Later that day, after the Hundred Island touring, we celebrated Noche Buena. They served my favorite Pangasinan dish, Pinapaitan. How delicious!
Dec. 25:
I woke up early, maybe 5am or 4am... I don't know. I wasn't checking the time. I really don't want to go home yet. Even though Globe lacks signal there, I still received text messages, greeting me "Merry Christmas". I also greeted back. The folks decided to leave Pangasinan after lunch.
We went to Tito Boni's house to pick our watermelons. I accidentally er...uhm...dropped one and it cracked. Ooops. How embarrassing.
"Welcome back,"Metro Manila greeted me at 7pm later that day. How boring. I demand to get back!! I want to see my favorite cousin, Ate Anna Mae. Know more about my cousin, Kuya Dodie. Eat more Pinapaitan!! Have more swimming!!
Dec. 26:
This headache...uhgn...I want to update my blog today...
Dec. 27:
Here I am, updating. Here's a sneak peek of the Pangasinan adventure:


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas for me and you

What a busy week I had! Since last week, there were tons of surprises for me to overcome until Christmas. It's been also a while since my last post...

Saturday(Dec. 9, 2006): I was playing at my computer, since there is no MTAP and LEAP program that day, suddenly my tito at Quezon City called at the telephone but I was connected on the 'Net...He tried to call at my mom's cellphone. He said that my grandfather needed a trip to Pangasinan pronto! At 4 PM that day, we left.

Sunday(Dec. 10, 2006): I haven't slept last night... My country cousins loved playing at my GBA SP so they asked me nonstop on how to play it. 1 Pm onwards, we left Pangasinan, leaving lolo behind.

Monday-Friday(Dec. 11-15, 2006): There's no other word to decribe it. BUSY. Veeeeerrrryyy busy. There are lots of summative tests, surprise quizzes, homework, classwork turned to homework adding to the pile. I'm missing the spirit of Christmas...

Saturday(Dec. 16, 2006): My mom tagged me along to her meeting about our Christmas party for next week(that is tomorrow). And a meeting about the complaints of other parents of why their children failed in Math. This doesn't surprise me.

Sunday(Dec. 17, 2006): We went to church at Makati and afterwards buy gifts for my cousin and I's monito or monita. Hehe. The one who I've picked wanted to get a figurine of Pokemon, so mom said that she'd buy tomorrow.

Monday-Wednesday(Dec. 18-20, 2006): Last-minute-tests and homeworks. Some teachers made us do homework while on Christmas vacation. It's barbaric, I say. It is a surprise that Sir Obsequio, our terror elective math teacher, let us play on his time. Many of the teachers doesn't attend classes anymore!

Thursday(Dec. 21, 2006): This is today. Tomorrow, I'm so much excited. What a bummer. I've heard from my parents that we'd go again to Pangasinan on Saturday or maybe Sunday. I've decided not to attend the MunSci Pop Idol & "Bandage"(Battle of the Bands) program tomorrow. I'll be here at home, relaxing by the television with my pet dog King. All things are ready for the Christmas Party tomorrow! We'll be in a paaarrrtttaaayyy mood.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Speech Choir - Spits Choir

We won!! We won!! Actually,... WE WON!! Omigosh...I can't believe that we won. Last Tuesday night, they've announced the winners but I wasn't there because I left school early but still took my place at the speech choir. The next day after the contest, rumors fly by around the 1st years... It's just because of that dove so we won!?! Bah!! No way! All because of a dove? Of course not. Uhm... well, I haven't brought the camera that day. I am supposed to post pictures of the speech choir here. Haha! And also my classmates came out of a joke of spits choir instead of speech choir because some of us - you know, like that principal at That's So Raven -

Pokemania 3 is also coming up at Cartoon Network. 4 back-to-back episodes of Pokemon. Imagine? Just 13 days to watch Pokemon Johto?

Ooohhh. 17 days to go before Christmas Day!!
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much excited.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's That Time of Year Again

Christmas is really near this time. I'm so much excited, now that on our school we will have lots of Christmas parties. One from the PTAs, one from our teacher at Elective Math(not very sure), and the original Christmas Party for the class and with our adviser. For a start in the month of December, our speech choir has been rescheduled either tomorrow or on Tuesday. And the field demo will be on December 9. Haaaayyy...more practice. I wish I could play more on the new game I've installed thanks to K-Zone, SupaSupa!! It's really cool.

Back to topic. It seems that we're late at decorating the house this Christmas because of the Storm Milenyo. We're still busy repairing some of the damaged parts of the house. And more and more guests are coming since the past months and the past weeks. Practices!! Programs!! Memorization of no-nonsense!! MTAPs!! LEAPs!! Thank goodness, those will be over maybe next week and whew..., hoping the Christmas vacation starts early.

Advanced Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!
Maagang pagbati ng Pasko at manigong bagong taon!!