Monday, December 31, 2007

Year-Ender Holiday

Christmas holidays this year had been boring. Nothing but stuck inside the room. Good thing that there is the internet that would certainly occupy my boredom. Two weeks for a Christmas vacation. Not enough for a second year like me. It would be if it weren't for that many tests we had and would take. The National Achievement Test, the Division Achievement Test, the MOCK Test, the Division Periodical Test and Teacher-Made Periodical Test we would take next year.

Today... is New Year's Eve. I can't imagine myself writing this blog post in someone else's house... out of boredom. The time is really ticking too fast. If you want to know where I currently am, I am in my tita's home at Quezon City. Boy, having my other cousins with me is sure enjoying. Though, I think they're overusing my laptop a bit..., playing DotA. What could I do? I brought it here because of them. A while ago, I ran their sari-sari store, while they were eating, along with my cousins. Kim will be left here on the following days so I have to enjoy with them for a little longer. I went over to their house at the "other side" of the village or whatever you call it, wherein it includes on crossing a dinky bridge.

Right now, I still think our Christmas vacation is not enough. I've been going nuts about that neglected project on Araling Panlipunan. And I asked my classmate when we met at the municipal hall of Muntinlupa for the Rizal Day yesterday. What holds of my destiny tomorrow... or shall I say, next year? Could it be another year of surprise or same-old, same-old year?

Almost thirty minutes from now, it'll be New Year!

Happy New Year, guys! Evanesco!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Emo Assault

A new form of hard-rock music bangs in our world today, informally known as emo. Emo is basically "in" in today's fashion trend. But what is emo? Is it wearing tight, skinny jeans, vintage shirt, thick nerdy glasses, and or canvas sneakers coming in with signature bangs or someone who you find dark, mysterious, lonely, or friendless? Emo was a mere music genre associated with a unique fashion which now turned the whole world upside down. It gravely influenced the psychological thinking of a person, making him entirely emotional.

In general, emo is simply a shortened term for emotional. According to Wikipedia, emo is a style of rock music, purely a genre of punk rock which now has its dress and attitude code. Emos regard themselves as cool beings, but some think otherwise. A number of people may consider emo as cool and poised. The scale - dark colors - is not liked by many. Personally, black symbolizes the darkness of one's personality.

Being emo also means being ready to be criticized. Critics point out the sexual preferences of male emos and are usually regarded as homosexuals. Emo has been a target of criticism as certain fashion trends and attitudes are being associated with it. Die-hard patrons of this music tend to associate themselves with the striking and emotional lines depicting depression, darkness, death and self-destruction. The real problem is the weakness of teenagers. Being under the overemotional hardcore too much may give rise to horrible consequences. In this case, emo hardcore should be avoided.

Therefore... I am not emo... *sticks out tongue*

That's all for now. Evanesco!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Greatest Gift

As a Christmas special post to all of you:
Ephesians 1: 7-12 (NRSV)
7In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace 8that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding. 9And he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, 10to be put into effect when the times will have reached their fulfillment - to bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ. 11In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12in order that we, who were the first to hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory.

Ah, gift giving. The traditional way of celebrating Christmas. Have you ever wondered what the greatest gift might be? Afar from gold, cash, Peso, whatever means of treasure. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, not making money. What is the greatest gift you've received? Everybody had received it since birth, the love of God. His love was given out by means of Jesus, the indescribable gift. That makes God as the great gift giver. As what is said in the text, we should count our blessings. Living in His world counts as a blessing. Soliciting, donating, etc... that's nothing.

For the year 2008, let us count our blessings and see and or witness all of God's greatest gift.

Merry Christmas, everybody! Maligayang Pasko sa inyo! Happy holidays! Evanesco!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chrismas Smarties

Then again, going to school early is my usual habit. And I've implemented it on the two Christmas parties I had this year.

First, our class Christmas party. Everybody went through that... well, I think except for those cave men. I had already given my presents early in the morning with some of my classmates but not my monito... or monita, heh. And what happens next is the last worst thing that I have heard. Grace, our classmate, had a road accident. Her dad phoned our adviser that we should continue the party without her. As usual, you know what happens next, they reacted to visiting Grace and having the party at the hospital instead. Brains please. Party? Hospital? I asked them, why they had to say that. They told me that it's because Grace shouldn't miss the fun. Wrong answer! Our adviser scolded them (those who attempted to visit Grace) and told them that the party should go on. And you can predict the happenings after that. Of course, a party isn't a party without games. Tapos kainan na! Ngayon naman ay may nawalan ng cellphone. Dumating ang mga parents na late na dalihin yung mga pagkain. I couldn't think of anything worse... Majestically, Grace showed up in the middle of our games! Yey! Then, gift giving! Tapos ayun, malling. Festival Mall

Second! Natuloy ang swimming-slash-Christmas party ng choir! Unfortunately, konti lang kami. Lalo na yung iba diyan na nagsasabing hindi daw sila pinayagan at hindi tuloy nakasama. Matamaan na ang matamaan, beh. *Lol*. I don't want to remember what we ate that time because I always remember that Jeanne and I had ate all the remaining pancit they ate. "Hard to resist" as we said.

How about you? What happened to your 2007 Christmas party? Evanesco!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Battle for the Intrams

Most of the students of MunSci ranted that the intramurals should be continued. The school superintendent had declined on the idea of a four or five day intramurals. Two of our school "leaders" had promoted a petition that would bring back the intramurals for only two days. Students kept on cursing our superintendent. And I, too, was one of them. Who wouldn't want intramurals not to happen? It is just an annual happening and "once in a blue moon" which some of my classmates had agreed upon.

So, intrams... yes, it was a success. But I found it real boring. Not unlike last year. My friends and I stayed inside the movie booth to keep away from the jailers of the jail booth. It is just a waste of ticket and a waste of money which I was planning to buy a new headphone. Going to the movie booth was convenient and useful. I had a chance to watch cool movies I haven't watched before. Like Pirates of the Caribbean and a Korean movie called as Windstrap. But there was this unfortunate time that we ran inside because someone was catching students with glasses and caught up with a horror movie! I hate horror movies! Sadly, after the movie, I was still caught!

If you are thinking about horror booths, yes, I tried it. Horror movies is different from horror booth, see? That means horror movies is not congruent nor parallel nor equal to horror booth. Big difference. It was really creepy inside. And the story the "girl" told us inside was plain pathetic. I've heard of it before, last year... I regretted so much after that. I've missed everything. My classmates had done so much while we waited so long for our turn in that booth! Ang init pa man din sa loob!

To my great discomfort, I was caught again and went to jail booth for bringing a gadget and or device! Laptop! Argh! Well, there are pros and cons for bringing it with me. My laptop now looks like Vista, thanks to Kiel. But it is still XP I would want my OS to change into Vista! My version of XP is genuine.

Ngayon, naghahanda na ako para sa Christmas party bukas... tapos malling... tapos goodbyes... then, Christmas vacation! ... Then school again... nOoOoO...


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Wishlist

Extract from "A Notebook of Random Thoughts by RECA"
December 12, 2007

Random Thought # 2: Christmas Wishlist

There is a news about a world-record longest Christmas wishlist. This had intrigued me and made me make my own wishlist! (If you're planning on giving me a gift, here's a list of what I want hahaha).

  • world peace
  • more friends
  • all editions of Monopoly
  • Pokemon figurines
  • X-Box 360
  • computer headset with microphone
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Rubik's Cube 12 x 12
  • new laptop
  • new Nokia cellphone
  • love (requested by JJ)
  • new set of clothes
  • a trip to Hongkong Disneyland (yes, kahit sa Hongkong lang)
  • visit Trinoma!
  • P1000 share from choir contests earns
  • Uno Stacko
  • Uno Attack
  • Leroy and Stitch DVD
  • Pokemon: Secret Wonders deck
  • a year supply of pencils
  • ride a ferry boat/yatch/limousine
  • newly-improved blog design/layout
  • visit my relatives in either Cagayan or Pangasinan on Christmas day
  • Nintendo Dual Screen Lite
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • have all K-Zone issues
  • violin
  • a faster DSL or broadband internet connection
  • vandal-free armchair at school =P (imposible daw sabi ni Nikki)
  • aircon at full blast on Christmas holidays
  • learn how to play the piano, guitar, and violin
  • pile of blank notebooks
  • watch and read Death Note anime and manga
  • dictionary that includes the word "blog"
  • reconnect the cable connection
  • watch Disney Channel during the Christmas holidays
  • learn how to speak French and Japanese (to understand Pokemon anime, manga, etc. in Japanese)
  • finish the Pokemon anime series
  • 2 GB memory stick/USB
  • year supply of lasagna
  • subscribe to Garfield comics
  • be a wizard, lol
  • regrow King's fur (his fur was cut off when we left him in an animal house when we left for Cagayan)
  • master Photoshop
  • new television and sala set
  • the Christmas spirit lingering everywhere
  • new ideas for future novels
  • always Christmas
  • fulfill my new year's resolution
  • more friends on Friendster
  • visit all mall in the Philippines
  • car!
  • be featured to the media, lol
  • win something
  • Physics and Trigonometry incentives
  • travel through time
  • receive the title "Pokemon Master, freak, addict" whichever you prefer
  • be part of GMA's Countdown to '08
  • meet a GMA artist in real life
  • read/buy all books in Powerbooks Live
  • finish all MunSci Life series
  • not being out-of-place everyday next year
  • have the Christmas Tree standing in the living room
  • decorate the house
  • be able to play all online games for free
  • own credit card
  • Christmas chocolate chip cookies! (cookies for Christmas tastes good for me!)
  • pile of gifts on Christmas
  • grant all of the listed things above
I know some of them could not be granted, hah! But, good luck! *Laughs out loud* Evanesco!

Raw Memories

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday... I still remember all the things that happened those days as if they were yesterday.

I was excused from choir practice last Tuesday. I didn't have the heart of telling all my classmates about what happened and why I would be absent for the next few days. I really don't know why I feel mournful and excited at the same time. Was it because I'm going to see my relatives and have company?

Wednesday morning, we arrived at Aunt Melvie's, Uncle Roding's, and Kuya Marlon's place. Er... their houses are very near each other. As in they're just neighbors. We stayed in Aunt Melvie's house. Unfortunately, the only cousin to welcome us is Precious, a fourth grader. In the afternoon, we went to Tuguegarao City to print dad's picture, shop, pick a coffin design, and pick-up two of my cousins from school. Later that night, all we did was play Monopoly. I thought I would not fall asleep. But whatever, I'm not accustomed in sleeping late when there's nothing much to do... especially when the laptop's charger was forgotten!

Thursday, I was awake early in the morning. Maybe 4 or 5 AM, but I slept back again. When I fully woke up, everyone was at school or work. Ate Leny, my niece, Pamela, and someone I don't know arrived at around 9 in the morning. After eating breakfast, taking a bath, and eating lunch I slept the whole afternoon off. Then Precious and my nephew, Marvin, arrived from school. They brought "Pop Pop" with them. A safe explosive that would go "POP" when you throw them at the wall or ground or any other solid surface. They're very ticklish when thrown to your body. We played Monopoly again when all of my cousins arrived from school. Teacher Ludy, my kindergarten teacher and wife of Kuya Marlon, made me do the liturgy for Saturday.

Friday, wow. There were many guests when I woke up. "Bless ninong, ninang, tita, tito, bestfriend ni daddy, barkada ni daddy, classmate ni daddy" was the only thing my mom tells me whenever I pass the..... you-know-what. And so, that day I babysit nephews and nieces of mine. Grrr... I played with them. I almost lock the door of the room so that they could not see me. They insist they know how to play Monopoly. But they're kids! What do they know about money? And would you win if you would not buy anything except for Boardwalk [Who's out-of-place here?]? I went a trip to Centrough or whatever it's called. I was laughed at when I kept saying 'Centrum'. We bought softdrinks for tomorrow and soup ingredients for the night.
We practiced a song for tomorrow. 'Pati ba naman dito may choir!?'. We sung, played, eat, chatted, etc. that night. My mom reckons that this is what dad wants. Not being mournful. I think this is why I feel numb. My dad doesn't want me to be weak, crying, and should be supporting mom. I think he is also the reason why the stupid laptop charger wasn't brought so that I could concentrate to him and mom. Well, while we're playing Monopoly again, my mom told me that I should ready a speech for the burial tomorrow. I planned not to sleep. But when I decided to read K-Zone and Omnibus for a while in the room, I fell asleep, again!

Saturday! The final day I would be seeing him! Everyone woke up early. After all the readying and dashing and everything, a service took place. It was done in a Methodist style still we have to wear this uh... mourning pin. That's the time where I had to recite my speech too. Aww... flowers, balloons, burial... what's this? It looks like a party to me. The burial was the only time I've cried. After that, we spent the whole day doing last minute bonding with cousins. In the afternoon, we visited the grave and prayed over. Later that night, we ate dinner, packed our bags, and took off for the bus terminal. We didn't catch the Deluxe so we rode a normal bus instead.

Sunday. Home at last. My mom said she would buy me a new pair of rubber shoes. So we went to Festival Mall. Mom bought me a new Pokemon TCG deck while I bought Kim a Rubik's Micro Cube. She was addicted to Rubik's Cube when my cousins taught her how to do it. It's actually a mini Rubik's Cube but as small as a key chain. I was not yet ready to go to school that time.

Ate Jinky, Ate Honey, Kuya Jayvee, Kuya Michael... wah. I miss them! I want more company.

Life should go on, past is past. I don't want to remember this things anymore. We should keep moving forward! Evanesco!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Life and Lies of RECA

Wonder what's the last survey for? Yes, it's for knowing the current status of my life. Things you know, don't know, want to know, and don't want to know. The poem from Kevin's blog kinda reminds me of my life and what's happening around me. This is where it all begins.

Everybody knows me as cheerful, always smiling even amidst different problems. But they don't know that I hold a deep secret, actually it's not already a secret because I've told Tango about this already, inside me. Some kind of a phantom of the opera, if you know what I mean. I love math, yes. Though I suck in it these days. Trigonometry combined with Geometry followed by intermediate algebra is not a joke! I admit, I'm a kid at heart, just like my mom. It's happy being so young. I wish I regain youth... Speaking of youth, I just hate the past and the future. It haunts me, it makes me think of doing errors and make a fool of myself. All I know is some of my friends befriended me because of *kaching*. I am not from a rich family. I am from an average family that is rich with God's blessings. Well, not really average. Now... this is the deepest secret I will reveal, if you considered the above things as secret that is. Why do I make fun of other people? Why am I always connected to the 'net? Why am I exerting myself of irritating other people just to get noticed? Why would you see me doing anything almost anytime? It's because I'm avoiding my presence to the real world. I don't want to think of my problems. My friends are always there to help me. Thank you Nikki, Tango, Kuya Kev, Kuya Anjo, Kuya Pat, Ate Kamae, Ate Kon, Jeff, Mary, Jeanne, Edrun, JJ, Jommel, Eidref, Ronerick, Ken Marvin, Marty, Sarah, Nark, Eliz, Jastine, Jiorg, Gino, and to many others I haven't mentioned that would definitely fill this whole page up. They make me think that I am rich in friends. But what is my problem? Some already knew that my dad suffered from cancer. Specifically, in the throat. It all started there. That sickness was since 5th grade. It got worse every year. And it only affected his eyes and brain, I think, this year. The accident that I couldn't tell last summer, 2007, was the time he passed out jogging near the Sports Complex bay. I started to worry that time. Then, while my second year of high school passes on, I didn't notice that he couldn't see anymore and there's a big bulge on his right eye. He started to get thin too. During that time, I limited myself from going out. And I'm not kill joy, Edrun. If you think that I won't go with you guys at the mall. I wanted to see my father's face if he is near death. Then just today, I went at school and my dad's getting strange. You know, nangingisay-ngisay. Today was also our rehearsal for the Biazon contest to be held at Festival Mall Expo Trade Hall on December 8. So, after what happened at school day, I went home knowing that my father is dead. My mom told me that she didn't texted me because she didn't want me worrying and focusing on other things. But I haven't focused since then because I have sensed this already. My head ached and everything ached from me. I'm filled with mixed emotions. I don't know what to feel. I feel numb...

That is me. A person with random thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior, and everything. I know I am very difficult to be understand. I know you don't understand what the meaning of the other sentences are. And what's more is, I know you'll reread this post. Hah!

So that's all. It's up to you what you want to feel or do with me. Some people are just meant to be random! Evanesco!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Lately, I've been saving money to buy Pokèmon collectibles. From figurines to books. I've already the two volumes of Pokèmon Omnibus (I bought 'em at SM Muntinlupa's opening) and five new figurines from Comic Alley a while ago. I want to save more for a deck of Secret Wonders (The one with the Elekible and Magmortar case). Pokèmon Gashapons are cool too! How I wish there's a Toy Kingdom and or Toys 'R Us near our place. That cute Buizel plushie is luuuurve too! But I was informed that they only saw that at SM North. So far! Is P600 easy to save?

That's all for now, Evanesco!

Wut's Cool With Skul?

Extract from "A Filler of Random Thoughts by RECA"
November 15, 2007

Random Thought # 2: Wut's Cool With Skul?

JJ posing beside the newly built 3rd building of Muntinlupa Science High School

What's new in Muntinlupa Science High School, you ask? I'll tell you what's new. Weeelll, there are lots of DepEd NCR officials visiting our school. Our teachers, including the principal, have been so busy lately. That leads us to almost doing nothing, nothing but rushing our Mean MPS! Now I realize how hard an accounting job is! What does accounting have to do with MPS? You don't want to know.

The choir has so many "projects" this month! Contests to join, I mean. Last week we have to impress the representatives of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) demo teaching of Ms. Ivy to us, choir, and the Rondalla. Also, that time was the GPTCAi meeting of the parents. Some politics attended the meeting. Muntinlupa officials, especially Bunyi's representative and Ruffy Biazon, telling the parents that our choir will join his choir contest to be held at Festival Mall this coming December. I was hoping they would inaugurate the 3rd building.

Oh, Evanesco! Wargh!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Filler of Random Thoughts by RECA

A while ago, when I was doing nothing, I decided to do something with my last spare of Cattleya Filler (gayahin ko si Nikki, "They should pay me for the advertisement"). With a pencil on my right hand, I begin to think what use I could make it. Then my post, Lovin' Pencil Style ~ The Material of Random Thinking, came into my mind. I decided to write there things that I'm currently thinking, songs I'm usually singing, or drawings of "different" nature. I already made three Random Thoughts posts a while ago. One was which I am numerating all Pokemon Gym locations and leaders, a post that I'd transfer here, and an unfinished comic strip of Shaine and Kokey killing each other. I was thinking of a stupid conversation of the two, then, killing each other... And I hope the others won't read this! I would only permit those of my very close friends!

That's all for now, Evanesco!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peek, Copy, and Save

Peek. Copy. Save. The three cheats that you could use to help you answer the questions in Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, a television game show made for adults to answer grade-school level questions. Different countries replicated this show that originated from the United States which first aired in February 2007.

Five fifth graders appear on each show and play along on stage. The player chooses one to be their "classmate", and is called upon for assistance. One child acts as a classmate at most two questions. Each contestant have three forms of assistance, two cheats and a save available for use once up to the $500,000 question, but not including the million dollar question.

Peek shows the classmate's answer and the player may chooses whether to follow it or not. However, they may only waste if their answer was the same as their classmate's. On the other hand, copy locks the classmate's answer to yours without being able to see it. A big disadvantage if your classmate is wrong! Save meanwhile credits the player's incorrect answer with a correct answer. This is used automatically on the contestant's first incorrect response. Once all three forms of assistance are used, the children no longer play an active role in the game.

The rules change slightly for the million dollar question. The player is only shown the subject of the question before deciding if they will continue or drop out. However, if they choose to see the question, they are no longer eligible to drop out and must answer the question, with no assistance from the classmates. A wrong answer on the question will cause the contestant to drop back down to $25,000.

If, at any point during the game, the player chooses to drop out or is flunked out, they must face the camera and state, "I am not smarter than a fifth grader" and only receives $25, 000. I wish I was a contestant too. The 9th ($300,000) and 10th ($500,000) question on the last episode of Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader on Q-TV were so easy. Like "The League of Nations was formed in conclusion to what war?" and "Mesopotamia is surrounded by two rivers. Namely, Euphrates and ______?"

That's all for now! Evanesco!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Poll Results

Fourteen people have participated in this poll. "How's my blog doing?" is the poll question of my blog for almost two months. And the results are the following:

  • Love it! - 4 (28%)
  • Nice - 6 (42%)
  • More posts - 2 (14%)
  • Bleh...! - 2 (14%)

As for the survey I've made; "Gusto niyo ba malaman ang buhay ko? Yes or No?", expectedly, all fifteen (15) answered 'yes'. The following reasons and their answers [and some other comments while surveying them] are:

  • "i pick or , kasi two letters lang small letter pa nauna"
  • "bqT? me meeting kami ng edi. YES"
  • "dagdag mo ako sa poll!"
  • "yes because you were the one who inspired me to start my own, you know?"
  • "oi! sgot ko yes!!!"
  • "yes? ala lng"
  • "yes...of course"
  • "to see how you're doing, kung buhay ka pa "
  • "edi yes..nyek. hai..naku..wak na nga lang..nevamind.."
  • "sabi ni stancy e"
Oh, ayan. Sige! Expect the unexpected post soon. Yes, soon. Er... I still don't want to reveal or spoil it yet. Except yung certain "Leleng" diyan.

By the way, please vote me as... :
  1. Most Intelligent Member
  2. Friendliest/Kindest Member
  3. Mr. 24/7
... in the KHQ Awards! Thanks!

Special thanks to Than-than..., hehe.

That's all. Evanesco!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Humans Together, Friends Forever

No matter how hectic our lives are, we are definitely one big happy peer. I've never neglected my ol' friends, Tropang Pokemon. We still greet each other, help each other, and go home together. We have already planned for a mall shopping either at SM Tunasan or Festival Mall on our Christmas Party. I guess that now I'm still in Evans, I should stick to my new set of friends. They call themselves Tropang MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall), if my memory serves me right. Though, I think I'm very out-of-place with them. All they talk about is Rondalla, banduria, guitar, instruments, etc. I, myself, is considered as an MPH member. The choir practices there and all activities related to MAPEH takes place at the MPH. But I'll always be with Edrun, Nikki, and Nark. They're the ones I'm mostly close to. To my friends out there; "Hello and thank you for supporting & cheering me, agreeing with me, and sticking with me to good and bad times". I'll always remember you... even those at my previous school, I've never forgotten them.

P.S. Whatever happened to Jeanne!? Classmates, let's go to SM Tunasan at November 16, Friday! After classes, of course.

That's all for now! Evanesco!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pokémaniac, Indeed

Thanks to Ate Jemma, I have played Pokémon Pearl. From the TV Report of the Red Gyarados to credits roll. Playing Pearl was mostly the only thing I ever did last sembreak. Mom had the impression that I am still at school. The second picture shows Valley Windworks. I recently caught a level twenty-two Drifloon that time. I woke up so early to catch it because that day, Friday, was my cousin's wedding. My starter Pokémon is a Turtwig. Great attack and defense. And I know if it evolves into a Torterra, it will learn a move called Earthquake!

Recently, I have loved Pokémon Contests and Poffin Baking or also called as Pokébread. It's fun mixing the Poffin, though it is tiring... with all the stirring. I just can't get enough of the Visual Round of the Pokémon Contests wherein you could dress-up your Pokémon. And the Dance Round too! Even if I'm missing some of the steps, whoops. The character looks cute when he wears his tuxedo. I wonder what the female version dresses... Oh, and I've competed in the Pokémon Contest with Fantina and the character's mother! I wonder why I'm only the one dressed formally.

Oh, well. I am currently catching Cresselia and Mesprit. I have encountered both a number of times already but they keep fleeing. I'm saving my Masterball for Regigigas. I wish my Riolu would evolve soon. I want a Lucario already!

That's all for now! Evanesco!

Lovin' Pencil Style~ The Material of Random Thinking

Pencil. Pencil. Pencil. I can't live without one. I have one right now here beside me. It's a blue one, which I got free from buying the new mango juice at our school canteen. Pencil is my material that can make me think random thoughts like new ideas for a new novel or a new chapter or an answer to a self-answered essay. Writing with a pencil can make you freely change your answers and/or ideas with just a simple eraser using the end of the pencil, if there is. I can't understand why everybody wants to use ballpen instead. Permanent, messy, and heavy. Pencil writings are easy to erase, I know. But you could write it again, right? On the other hand, if you erase ballpen writings, it looks messy enough. My love for pencil began when our principal at my previous school checked our notebooks. I used one of my classmate's ballpen. It was a sign pen. When I showed my notebook, the notes looked hard to read. There were heavy blotches of ink behind the page and couldn't read the note. I was told to repeat it again but it was just the same! More erasures! GAH!

Even at MunSci. Most teachers would want you to write with a ballpen. That's why I loved math and Sir Obsequio last year! He required us to write with pencils! I also love those teachers who allow me to use pencil instead.

Toinks. That's all for now. Evanesco!


Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit sinasamantala ng karamihan ang aking kabaitan... or... "I can't understand why my kindness to them was always taken for granted."translated by Nikki, peace. Kapag kailangan ng tulong ko, lumalapit sila sa akin. Kapag ako naman ang nangangailangan, halos walang pumapansin sakin. Nilalapitan ko ang aking mga kaibigan kung sila ay walang kasama o feeling lonely o namomroblema sila. Pero kung ako naman yung may problema..., wala lang... dedma... hayaan... Okay lang sakin yun. Basta 'wag nila ako pagusapan sa likod ko nang nalalaman ko. Total, sanay naman akong mag-isa, eh. Sige, go.

Isang magandang halimbawa si you-know-who ng buhay ko, Shaine. Halos naging matalik kong kaibigan siya nung unang taon sa high school. Siya kasi ang una kong nakilala sa aking unang taon. Naging close kami nang ilang linggo. Pero napunta din ito sa awayan. Sinigawan niya ako sa isang klase namin sa Science & Technology. Akala niya kasi ay kasama ako sa iuusog ang upuan kaya siya sumigaw. Edi sinigawan ko rin kasi 'di naman niya kailangang sumigaw, eh. Dun sa araw na yun ay napaghulo ko na siya ay plastik kasi inuutus-utusan niya ako at humihingi ng tawad para sa nangyari... nang parang pagalit.

Noon namang clearance signing sa unang taon ay may kailangan kaming bayaran sa utang namin sa pagpophotocopy. Umabot yata yun sa limang libo o tatlong libo. Para mapirmahan ang aming clearance sa photocopy, kailangang mabayaran yun. Naisip kong bayaran na lang ito upang hindi na mapatagal ang pagpapapirma. Nang bayaran ko iyon. Akala ko naman ay magpapasalamat sila. Pero hindi... "Ba't mo binayaran? Eh mangongolekta nga!" sabi ng isa. Ganun din ang sambat nung iba. Matapos iyon ay hindi ako binayaran ng mga walang'ya kong mga kaklase. Yung iba nagbayad. Wala akong paki sa mga bayad nila. Nadismaya lang ako kasi wala man lang nagpasalamat sakin.

Pinagbibigyan ko lahat ng aking naging kaklase sa kanilang mga paguuto sakin. Alam ko namang nambobola lang sila eh. Kaya ko lang tinutupad ang kanilang mga gustuhin ay dahil para hindi ako maging bad-shot sa kanila. Ako yung taong ayaw mawalan ng kaibigan kapag sila ay nasa akin na. Pero bakit ganun? Nasosobrahan na ata ang pananamantala nila... Tapos nagiging mabait na nga ako kahit galit ako sa kanila pero binabara nila ako.

Ayan... nailabas ko na ata yung lungkot ko pero lumala yata... hanggang sa susunod na post. Evan-esco?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

All In Six Days Flat

Being a Science student can sometimes be fun or tiring. Projects to pass, notebooks to be checked, test papers to be frequented, homeworks to be passed on periodical tests, choir practices, and periodical tests itself. Though, amidst all of these, many activities are done this week. We, students, get to relax today after that periodical test.

Starting Monday, the English Department and the municipality have arranged a "bookfair" with Scholastic, also known as the Scholastic Bookfair when they came to our school during my elementary days. Sadly, during my elementary days, the Scholastic Bookfair doesn't give discounts because I studied in a private school. All of the books were brand new and don't have covers like dirt rags. In this bookfair, they sell books from P30 to not exceeding P295. Those which are P100 and above are brand new books or "unrecycled". It was good, really, but what disappoints me is that there's none of my favorites like "daga" or Geronimo Stilton, Secrets of Droon, Goosebumps, works of Roald Dahl (ex. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) which there is but it was P200+, and Harry Potter (Trip ko lang hanapin, JJ... meron kasi dati sa Scholastic Bookfair namin nung elem). Buti pa yung Series of Unfortunate Events, wala naman nung The End, at Narnia meron...

Ma'am Ivy practiced us this week because we're not able to practice all day, next week and the week after that because she's going to uh... was that Palawan? Tenors are scheduled to practice Monday 3-5 PM (Note to self: P550 daw on Monday!!) and all four voices on Saturday. All these practices for the upcoming contests this November. Graagh! Four contests before the new year??!!

So far, the tests that I know I have a high grade is Filipino and ENGLISH. Party! 45 over 50! Matataasan ko na sana si Cuenco if I answered that plot plot thing or if I perfected the modals.

ATTENTION: Evans... kasi naman eh... pass your computer projects to either Nikki's e-mail or mine ( ipasa niyo bago mag October 23!! Ikocompile pa namin yun! Waah!! Turuan niyo din ako sa HTML... 'Di po ako gagawa ng webpage niyo, ang hirap kaya. Hahaha!

Ayun lang, magdusa lahat ng EVANS!! MWAHAHAHA! (Ginagaya ko si Sir Eman, corny) Evanesco!

Now You Know

There's more to the Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore than you know. Written by Rita Skeeter, she fails to discover what emotions Dumbledore had during Dumbledore-Grindelwald relationship. Apparently, she couldn't make that out of Bathilda.

NEW YORK - Harry Potter fans, the rumors are true: Albus Dumbledore, master wizard and Headmaster of Hogwarts, is gay. J.K. Rowling, author of the mega-selling fantasy series that ended last summer, outed the beloved character Friday night while appearing before a full house at Carnegie Hall.

After reading briefly from the final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," she took questions from audience members.

She was asked by one young fan whether Dumbledore finds "true love."

"Dumbledore is gay," the author responded to gasps and applause.

She then explained that Dumbledore was smitten with rival Gellert Grindelwald, whom he defeated long ago in a battle between good and bad wizards. "Falling in love can blind us to an extent," Rowling said of Dumbledore's feelings, adding that Dumbledore was "horribly, terribly let down."

Dumbledore's love, she observed, was his "great tragedy."

"Oh, my god," Rowling concluded with a laugh, "the fan fiction."

Potter readers on fan sites and elsewhere on the Internet have speculated on the sexuality of Dumbledore, noting that he has no close relationship with women and a mysterious, troubled past. And explicit scenes with Dumbledore already have appeared in fan fiction.

Rowling told the audience that while working on the planned sixth Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," she spotted a reference in the script to a girl who once was of interest to Dumbledore. A note was duly passed to director David Yates, revealing the truth about her character.

Rowling, finishing a brief "Open Book Tour" of the United States, her first tour here since 2000, also said that she regarded her Potter books as a "prolonged argument for tolerance" and urged her fans to "question authority."

Not everyone likes her work, Rowling said, likely referring to Christian groups that have alleged the books promote witchcraft. Her news about Dumbledore, she said, will give them one more reason.

Dumbledore's life is a mystery. Where'd he get that much intelligence? J.K knows.


That's all for now! Evanesco!

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Splash of a Great Story

Magdadissect ba? Magagalit ba si Ma'am Ivy? Anong oras kaya kami ipipick-up?

Mixed emotions came up to me last Saturday. We had our practical test in Biology about the roots, the leaf, chicken wings and feet, and frogs. I thought we're going to dissect and identify the parts of each one, but it was only a question and answer thingy. There were this 10 tables for 10 students per batch. We're forty in Evans, so 4 batches. In these tables lie different species mentioned above. The easiest one landed to me... "Identify yellow", "Is the frog a male or a female?", and "Why is the frog your answer in number **(I forgot)?"... Then, after answering the first three questions, we will transfer to the next table number. I landed to table 6 so I will probably go to table 7. Our teacher said that one of the students in another section got lost searching the tables.

After that 10 minute practical test we're on to doing our english project, making a short story. We went to Antholin's house, the school clinic. Yes, he lives in the school clinic not until now, he lives in Carolina. Well, they didn't start doing the project immediately so I wandered of and check whether our conductor had arrived already. Then, I checked whether either JJ or Jeanne have gone already. As you may hear or see, we have a choir practice that day. Mom called; "Up to what time is your practice?" she asked. "Can you tell your teacher to excuse you to attend only up to 2:30? Tita Lorie will be picking you up by 3. " Of course, I panicked. I thought we're to be picked-up by 4.

JJ had already left when I left for the clinic to check on my groupmates and came back. They we're going to do their project in his house. And Ms. Ivy wasn't still there and it was 1 past! I know if we started late, she won't agree on letting me get excused by 2:30. And she says that whoever can't attend will not join the contest anymore! I asked Jeanne if she would be practicing. She says, she don't know. When 2 o'clock struck, I acted fast. JJ wasn't there and Jeanne and her groupmates need to do their project. We decided to become fugitives, exaggerating really but it was the term one of my classmates told us what we were... We hid to each choir member and dashed to the tricycle when the coast was clear. Free at last!

Arriving home, I quickly paced my self and packed everything we, Kim and I, need for the overnight swimming. Nearly forgetting what I wanted to pack because of that running stuff at school. Anyway, this overnight swimming is actually Mary's (previous classmate) birthday party. When everything's ready, Tita Lorie's car beeped in the front.

It wasn't that much fun without parents hanging around with you and titas and titos asking what you want. The pool was actually connected to the springs and controlled by a machine. The next morning the "kids" played with us. We were playing hanapan. The object is the shower knob. Mary, Kim, and I were the team mates. The kids were tackling us. One of them nearly prodded me on the sharp edge of the pool stairs. They were violent... very. In the end, we won because the "kids" were considering defeat to themselves because we were winning for rounds already. Insolent kids. We went home by 12.

By the time I get home, I played a bit and did this Enhancement Program for Filipino. I was so tired that I gave up and decided to work on it in the morning. We had our Mid-Year Exams today and our classes start from 12-4. So, that means we have extra time in the morning! Still, up to now, I haven't finished that Enhancement Program. Our Mid-Year lasted until 3. So fast because some of the subjects are easy, easy I tell you! Easy! Oh by the way, that overnight swimming left a scorching, painful sun burn on my shoulders. When I carried my bag, it hurts, you know. It hurts.

That's all for now, see ya! Evanesco!

PS. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao!

Magagawa ko ba 'tong Enhancement Program bukas?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Brain Wreck

The MOCK Test have ended a while ago. Well, it wasn't that easy even some of the questions appeared in our first periodical test. They changed some answers into something close to the real one. This MOCK Test readies us for the incoming National Achievement Test that may take place next month or after the third quarter, January. I hope it'd be January.

We started answering the part like a personality test after filling out the information about us. I still remember; "What would you do after high school?". My answer? Letter H, 'Take a 4 or 5 technological course' or whatever that is. I would also go for 'Take an entrepreneurial course' but a technological course sounds cooler. Then we'd answer Mathematics, then English, then Science, and Filipino, finally Araling Panlipunan. At the end of the test, we had to check them, supposedly, from 1:05-1:30 PM but we finished the test early and checked them early too. Though, we cannot go out of school before 1:30... My classmates informed us that we also had a jingle practice today for the Science Camp. When we started practicing, I haven't eaten lunch

I went home at 3 PM, exhausted and wanted to rest. Imagine, the day before the MOCK Test is the Musikapella Contest, then this MOCK Test, and jingle practice?! Then, my heck of a mother asked me to accompany her to buy medicine and milk. I told her I'm tired. Though she convinced me after she promised to buy me K-Zone if there was and would take me to Jollibee to have lunch. Then I finally said 'yes' that I'll regret in the end. For one, there was no K-Zone, I only ate a burger and a peach mango pie, and she ain't given me anything... Hmm... natagalan tuloy akong gumawa ng assignment sa A.P. pati sa English. Thanks to Tango... and no thanks sa kagrupo namin ni Edrun!

Paalis na ako mga Evans, Evans, Ehbs, Evans, Evans, Ehbs (=P).... Evanesco!

Friday, September 21, 2007

The MOCK Test, Musikapella Contest, and Science Camp

All these choir practice and stuff, it's because one of our contest is dawning and that is the Musikapella. I said 'one of our contest' because we have joined many contests. The Musikapella will take place at September 23, 2007 at UP Theater, Diliman, Q.C. Yes, only a day away from now...and we've been practicing since the first two months of this school year. Tomorrow, we'll have a "general practice" but it would be clashing with our other practice for the jingle rap at the Science Camp.

When the day after that comes, it'll be the MOCK Test for our incoming NAT (National Achievement Test). We'll have until twelve o'clock only! Hooray! But Edrun reckons we should do our project for Values Education and Araling Panlipunan on that day. *Bummer*. I wanna go home early on that day after this competition and that test. Tapos may mga quizzes and assignments pa next day. Naku. . .

And then this Science Camp turned up last week. It was announced after the promotion of Cartoon Network's Awards of Exellence. We need white T-shirts for printing of the Science Camp's logo, P35 for the printing, and P100 for the entrance. Wala na akong emergency money, huhu.

Sa choir naman kailangan ng P200 sa costume yata or something, P300 for the two tickets I reserved (P150 each), and ng 1x1 picture [na hanggang ngayon ay wala ako!!]. Why did I suddenly turned the topic into money?? Kasi . . . . wala na talaga akong emergency money!!

Solicit to the poor =P. So, ayun lang. 'Bye. Evanesco!

PS. Sana naman hindi magalit si Ma'am Ivy sa akin bukas T__T <==(Hindi ko 'to initials, JJ. At anong bastos diyan?)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weeks Without the 'Net

Finally! I am connected to the internet once again. If you're wondering why - or just really nosy about it - is that we've paid the telephone bill late. Well, they're (the PLDT folks) a bit irritating really. We should have had our internet back last, last Monday. But they needed my father's letter or he should talk to them. I was expecting that it'd be back last, last Monday. I told my classmate I could research for our report only to find out that it wasn't still reconnected. I have skipped choir practice and left early so that I could research. I hate it.

So how was my past week?

There had been many visitors, bringing goods. I had a case of high fever that time and can't eat much. When I was back to normal, another set of visitors came and offered me a huge block of pizza and a meal of sharksfin. Normally, my stomach ached. Not much of a sight, really. We went to the doctor and he informed me that I have hyperacidity. Great. I was hoping of going to school... five more days of absence...

So many typhoons last month and recently we nearly got hit by the typhoon again. Luckily, a relative was staying with us that time and he helped us a lot. Though, classes were put onto four consecutive Saturdays. Our 2nd periodical test was also transferred that time.

The sad news of me not being one of the three lucky winners of the X-Box 360 had vanished once I had started the new MunSci Life 2! And Little Embers is nearly done!

Me, my cousin, and her classmates went to Festival Mall for... - for...buying stuff(?). I had spent a lot of my money on three figurines (Palkia, Turtwig, and Staravia). I have started a debate wherein I mistook Starly's 2nd evolution as Staraptor. The cashier insisted that it was a Staravia and went to look at their poster.

I guess the only thing I could look forward to next week is frog dissection. I do hope no girls will be screaming. Lalo ka na, Nikki. It's a plain, weeny frog. Nothing to be afraid of, unless you've been brought up as a stupid git. I'm planning to take pictures of the frog and put it here! Agree? Of course you do!

That's all for now. Evanesco!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Luck of Evans, II-Edrun, Potatoes and Raisins, and the Transferee

In our first four subject today, no teacher attended their classes. Except for Olea, Diquit, Figuracion, and Esguerra. That kept me remembering the last time Edrun wrote down our section. Instead of II-Evans, he wrote II-Edrun! Mam Esguerra told him off because his paper almost got separated from ours and then Allan laughed. Mam Esguerra made him recite our motto; "To err is human, to forgive is divine".

Osmosis and Diffusion, would they still process when there's no cell membrane? That's what we did in our Science and Technology class. Mam Ventura is not around that time so she gave a seatwork about making a short story or fiction of "The Day the Cell Membrane Stop Working". In my story I wrote about Cembrane the cell membrane that he stopped working because he wanted to rest[...]... Long story... Yes, I know we should only write a short story but I ended up writing a long one. I'm getting the hang of it.

Speaking of Science and Technology, we did this experiment about Osmosis. We were required to bring a potato and a box of raisin. The experiment was quite fun and... uh... I enjoyed eating the rest of the raisins. Later that afternoon, I found myself online at Yahoo! Messenger and some of the second years' status message was about raisins. They said I started it. No I didn't.

The transferee I'm talking about is me. No, I didn't transfer to another school. I was transfered, in our choir, from tenor to bass. That's major problem. I don't want in the bass! I am always tenor! In my previous year, they tried on making me bass, which I was transfered back to tenor. NO, NOT BASS! AYOKO NA! And I'm the big loss of the choir right now. So, kung sino magaling kumanta dito, willing, sure na magaling, confident, malakas ang boses, taga-MunSci, then sali kayo sa choir!

We were pretty darned happy that we were lock inside the english room a while ago. If we were locked inside, then we could have been excused at Figuracion's class. Except that it was opened by one of our classmate kasi unfair daw na kami lang ang ma-lock. Kadayaan. Nagsasaya na kami eh.

I have this veeeerrrrryyyyyyyyy weird and stupid experience with my ><:{}"^&%$#@!*(&)~` classmate..........

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Harry Potter, A History

Harry Potter series have just made a recent blow in literary history ever. What do you think J.K. Rowling will write another novel again? Mom reckons she doesn't need to write another novel because she's already famous and rich already. I think not, I prefer to read one of her another novels, [if will be] because she's one of my inspiration to write novels.

Deathly Hallows, can't wait already. July 21, can't wait already. Enough of 'can't wait already'. Let's talk about Deathly Hallows. Is R.A.B really Regulus Black? Are those figures behind Harry Death Eaters? Why does all book cover focus on that locket? Who do you think are the two main characters who will die in the 7th book (please, do not let it be Ron and Hermione...)? What does Godric Griffindor have to do with this? Dobby? Making another appearance? Or was that either Winky or Kreacher? Where does Snape's loyalty really belong? And most importantly, will Voldemort be finally vanquished?

Hoorah! Another Potter movie released! Even if the book series will finally come to an end, there's still the movie to look forward to! As a matter of fact, even though I know what fate Harry and the DA members are going to face at the Ministry of Magic, I'm still psyched to see the movie! Watching it from a big screen is different from imagining it inside your head. Plus, you and I have got to see the Mimbulus Mimbletonia! hahaha. [And Luna Lovegood!]. I'd love to see centaurs gallop to Prof. Umbridge! And that cool telephone booth! Even the DA's training. When do you think will they make Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows into movies? Years 2009 and 2011?

That's all for now. Evanesco!

Lucky Daze

So much for the "Lucky Day". Yesterday was 07-07-07. I don't believe in such. We had our choir practice for the contest on September (or was that August?) yesterday. I set out to go our school... It was a lovely weather. When I'm about to ride in a tricycle, somebody splashed something into a puddle and nearly got me wet. In our mid-practice that afternoon, violents winds began to blow, strong downpour too. It's like having Shiftry and Kyogre combined together. I was hoping that Ma'am Ivy would stop the practice but we have to go on. Now, how am I to get home!? And I have no umbrella with me!! Fortunately, JJ, a Laguna resident *cough*, came into existence (LOL), I mean, showed up. After the practice, I tagged along with JJ because he has an umbrella with him. Argh, this dingy umbrella of his was only fit for him! I arrived at home with my pants soaked with a bit water. And I have to worry about the mounds of homework I have to do... So much for the "Lucky Day"....

That's all *bow*. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

The Dark Lord approaches as the 2nd week of the 7th month dies...
Wahaha! Just kidding. Harry Potter month, oh yes! Deathly Hallows will be out of those security vaults and in the bookstores. Can't wait already. Sana may pambili ako. My classmates don't understand "saving" because they keep on asking credit. WAAAHHH!!! But of course, we're going to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix next Saturday with Mary and Tita Laurie, I think. My only problem is, how could I buy the Deathly Hallows for myself? T__T 'Bye-'bye, DH.
Here. This is a countdown for the OoTP movie. Oh, yeah, I forgot... I'm planning to buy the OoTP PC game too. Ano ba yan

'Til next time! 'Bye! Evanesco!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reminiscing Moments: DotA Boys

Include Allan, Francis, and [miraculously] Marty. Exclude Andrei, the one at the right most corner. Blocking his face with his hands, holding I dunno
Obviously, their so-called group of "DotA Boys" is derived from DotA, which they looooooove to play after classes (even if there are too many assignments). Mostly, this was their "language". I have just learned how to play it because of them... after that "race" project in Elective Math at Festival Mall. Anyhow, DotA Boys were used to be called as Fed X. Short for Federation X. It was - uhm - founded(?) by Ken Marvin in one of our speech choir practices. Though, Ken's in my league.

Some DotA Boys challenge higher levels and worse of all, they take credits... just to make the other play. Sorry..., DT Boys... Well, the result of all these were two of I-Aristotle got kicked out, one of the top students in Math is -well- ayun, got lower grades, and some haven't passed their requirements at the end of the school year, taking more time in signing clearance.

This new school year, they still got the chance to play though mostly, they're assignments are stacking up... wahehe. Wakokoko (OH NOES!! Kanino ko nakuha yung "wakokoko"?)!

That's all *bow*. Ayoko na mag-reminisce... Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

Credits to Eidref for the pictures.

Yey! Lapit na Order of the Phoenix the movie at yung Deathly Hallows!


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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Cyndaquil?

All of you have been wondering, maybe, why I chose Cyndaquil as my favorite Pokemon. I only replied, "because he's cute and tough..." and nothing more. That's just half of the truth. All of these Cyndaquil craze basically started when I was an avid 5th grader Pokemon fan. I was secretly printing all Pokemon list (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Pokemon). I caught sight of, yours truly, Cyndaquil. He's not that cute yet that time. One day, nearly Christmas time, I brought this "list" to school so that I could show my classmates that I've found new Pokemon, the Hoenn ones. All of them wanted the list because of the other cute Pokemon. All that was left to me was the one from Chikorita to Furret. I almost cried and I don't know why.
Just then, still that day, in our Arts class we are supposed to sketch whatever we like that has some "Christmas atmosphere" in it. I thought of a wooden cabin with a huge fireplace crackling embers of fire merrily. I drew a huge Christmas tree at the left side of the drawing. Underneath the Christmas tree are small presents, including a "somewhat" stuffed Cyndaquil.
My teacher praised me for that. Thank you, Cyndaquil. Thank you, ol' classmates, for leaving that page to me. And then, when people asks me what my favorite Pokemon is, I reply Cyndaquil because it was the only thing I always remember. I started getting more of Cyndaquil craze after our elementary graduation.
Thnks fr th mmrs, Cyndaquil! Thanks for the memories, Cyndaquil!
Haaayyy...'bye! Evanesco!

Secret Files: The Unknown Side of Teachers

Every now and then, I've been inquisiting teachers very well. I've wanted to come up to this post one day after I've finished...and... here it is. Warning: InLab people of MunSci... I FORBID YOU TO READ THIS IN FRONT OF A TEACHER! WAAHH!!

Ms. Ventura - why is there always a bird chirping in your class? (hindi nyo gets no?) Kasi naman, pag magsulat sa whiteboard, sobrang diin. And you know, while writing, there's this chirping sounds...

Ms. Maglinte - no comment...better than ****** Barado

Sir Eman - wahahaha! Kapatid ata ni Ronerick! LoL. "Magnitude yung ginagawa ng mga Diglet". Ay, mahilig sa Pokemon! And there's a rumor flying by that he is a MunScian-turned-teacher.

Sir Marcelliano/Marci - ano bang meron sa kisame at palaging tumitingala at tingin nang tingin kung saan-saan si sir?

Ms. Diquit - I've heard of "measure", "if", and "pair" but not "may(as in the month of May)sure", "ef", and "fair"

Ms. Olea - DORY!! HAHAHA!! Ang hina magsalita grabe... I dislike Math na tuloy...

Ms. Figuracion - magaling, magaling, magaling! Another Sir Obsequio personality

Ms. Esguerra - cool english teacher!

Sir Wong - no comment

Sir Jay - I should have said "no comment" for him last year and until now, if he wasn't showing us that he's have a perverted mind.

I think that's all... Oh well, thanks for the tag, Edrun! I do appreciate you very much.

Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!


Friday, June 22, 2007

The Week So Far

It had already been three weeks at MunSci. And yet there were so many things that already happened in a regular MunSci life; quizzes, summative tests, oral recitation, group reporting/group work, role playing, practices, passing of requirements, research, experiments, assignments, seatworks, and many more.

I had just been recently added to the choir. And got to add more in my "friend list". Thanks to the 'Net. Ayoko mag special mention.

As of now, I have to finish an AP take home quiz, a portfolio about the stages of friendship, an arguementative text on Filipino, SciTech assignment, copy notes... (basta notes). What makes my worries go away is when I'm watching Pokemon Advanced and Chronicles, the one Marty just lent me, and when I'm reading a book or novel.

Yey! July 2 here we come! The whole choir will sing at the inauguration of Aldrin San Pedro, the new mayor, we'll be exempted! Urgh. My weekend is ruined. We will design classrooms tomorrow, do our SPEDRA group project, and choir practice. In the good side, may allowance naman kami sa pagkanta and may kainan sa July 2!!

That's all for now! Evanesco!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Weird Things About Me, Part 2

More wierd things about me!! Click here for the first part.

1. I say something when I feel like it... Especially in the 'Net (ie. "pork! pork!", "hello", etc...). You'll hear more in reality.

2. Very inquisitive. When I say 'very', I mean veeeeerrrrryyyyy. I almost ask anything. Even if it doesn't concern me

3. I once shrieked when we've heard that Sir Obsequio is absent. Then Sir Jay came bustling into the room and asked who shrieked. Though, I slipped because everybody pin-pointed Allan because he was screaming the time I shrieked. (Sssshhhh)

4. I mutter to myself a bit when I want to express my feelings that badly... [Mutter! Hindi talk!]. Unlike, --- ------. Hahaha. Weeeehhhh

5. I can twist my tongue. A gift I learned from my favorite cousin, Ate Ana Mae, while we went to Pangasinan for a little vacation.

6. I can make my left ear move. Pwede rin sa right, pero konti lang. One time in my elementary days, I think that was grade 2 or 3 or 4, we were talking about dogs which can move and waggle their ears freely. And I reacted. "T'ser (which sounded like 'chair'), bakit napapagalaw ko ang tenga ko?" Then our science teacher dared me to move my ears. Everybody clapped! Thank you! Good show!

You Are My Friend

Belated Happy Father's Day! Yeah, I know this is one day late... hehe. But I had to make things done by yesterday. After all those ranting... I realized I should post something else... something good.

John 15: 12-17 NIV (New International Version)

12My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. 13Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. 14You are my friends if you do what I command. 15I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. 16You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit - fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you my command: Love each other.

As you may now know, mechanical gadgets makes us alone and remote from the others. We do not confide to someone we know but only ourselves. Some, goes to their friends (which is the point of this "post"), to share secrets and keep them. Putting their promises - not beyond the grave, surely - but in their hearts.

Jesus defines and proves His Friendship:
  1. Does something
  2. Confides in you
  3. Chooses you

Open yourself up to your friends, your family. What more if it was up to Jesus? You don't choose Him, He chooses you. God, the Father, is also our friends. Everyone can be our friends. Haven't you noticed that some of us treat our parents, and even our teachers, like friends?

We prove our Friendship with Jesus:

  1. Do something
  2. Give away His love

Don't just ask your friends, famliy, or Jesus for help. You must also act and give away His love. A fine example is this... Elvis Presley's guitar was the most splendored thing he ever had. The manager of the museum, where Elvis' guitar lays, had come up to you and said; "Isn't it beautiful? You can have it"

Why did you think he said 'You can have it'? It's because he is sharing the LOVE. L-O-V-E!! As they say; "Share your blessings"


  • Describe a situation in which you experienced being well loved
  • How does your relationship with Jesus change once you start practicing His example of love?
  • Specifically, how would you rate yourself on laying down your life for your friends? Do you feel more like Jesus' servant or his friend? What helps develop the friendship?
  • How does prayer and obedience link to all these?

I wished you learned something today. Haha... Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reminiscing Moments: Tropang Pokemon

Kulang etong nasa pic, okay? Marty doesn't want to be shot with them, eh, wanko... Nagmamadali sa pagliwaliw sa Fantasy World. Obviously, ako yung kumuha nitong pic... Oi. Hindi ako nagplano nung pose nila ah. Sila nagusap diyan...

After classes yesterday, the five of us: me, Jommel, Ken Marvin, Ronerick, Marty, and Lorenz treated each other for a drink...toast! It was like a reunion (Nyaaakkkss[mga certain Jommel kasi nangaagaw ng drinks... kay Ronerick yun!! Nagalit tuloy =P]).
I remembered the time we went to Festival Mall after the last 3rd Periodical test, that was before our Christmas party. We played arcades and buy Pokemon figurines. Then, those devious friends of mine decided to leave Marty alone because he was buying Magic the Gathering cards. I parted with Jommel and Ronerick and Lorenz go together. Fortunately, Marty caught up with them. Ken Marvin wasn't with us that time because his parents won't let him. Of course they wouldn't it was all of a sudden.
They were with me because of Pokemon they wanted more and more information about Pokemon. Well, except kay Lorenz, pero interested din siya sa Pokemon (and yung cellphone ko wherein he want to play...uh was that Miami Nights or something?). Oh, and dahil sa paminsan-minsan (LAGI-LAGI!!) kong paglibre sa kanila... I can't say 'no'... T__T
Ngayong second year na nagkikita pa rin kami, in between breaks or lunch and after classes. Jommel, meanwhile, go online sometimes.
Here were my peer/barkada/whatever (mwahaha!!):
  • Jommel - he was my first most close friend in MunSci other than Shaine and Nikki. Pervert (mga taga SMS talaga), devious, small but terrible (Beh), co-anti-Shaine
  • Marty - from borrowing K-Zone to seatmate to Pokemon information to "libre mo ako" to almost loyal friend... he does anything for me... in my command. He can't say no to me. Loves Yanma. Manya. Yaman. Weeehhh
  • Ken Marvin - loves to draw girls. "Papasabugin ko ang one Aris bukas. Mwahaha". LoL. Loves Duskull and Rotom, searched all their biological something that he always talks about.
  • Ronerick - MATH!!! Hahaha... Matalino 'to. Kopyahan ng bayan sa Elec. Math nung 1st year. I think his favorite is Rattata. Joke lang. Pikachu ata. He doesn't say. Paalala kay Ronerick: May utang ka pang signature sa akin.
  • Lorenz - pervert. Loyal to his religion, INC. Sensitive, hyper active, cute [daw], sometimes serious. At my first day at MunSci, he kept on dusting his pants that made me notice him as "clean". Though, he is careless.


  • Edrun - Smart, shy, hyper active, malalim boses, Rondalla member, befriended with him because he is "Christian"
  • Nark - hmm... hmm... Under inquisition

Marty, please remember the Pokemon Chronicles, please.

That's all for now, haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today is Philippines' Independence Day! We have had our flag ceremony today, which is certainly most peculiar because the flag ceremony usually takes place on Monday mornings. Hello?? Sana naman walang assignments... Haha. Why did I complain? We just have two assignments..., as far as I know... please correct me. Yung mga taga-MunSci diyan na ayaw magtag or magonline sa Y!M. We only have Diquit's and Ventura's (Elec. Math and Biology). God, sana Physics doesn't exist...

Marty!! Pokemon Chronicles!!

We haven't had any classes yesterday and all I did was read (aww...tapos ko na ireread ang book 1, 4, 5, and 6 ng Harry Potter) and did the rest of my assignments. LoL. I searched for songs and poems about friendship. I even tried to download one because I only got tape while some of my classmate brought CD... but it was just too darned slow... >__<

Malapit na! Don't ask what!! Basta malapit na!! Yung you-know-what (get the point already? If you don't, sorry ka na lang. Try mastering Legilimency)

Tomorrow na ang pasok ng ibang estudyante... sorry yung ibang hunter sa K-Zone...HAHAHA!! I have my secret substitute! My mom...(!!) Waahh!! Gusto ko pang magsulat ng isang post! But I need to sleep early. Baka malate ako bukas. I don't want to be late.

Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

Belated happy birthday to Jastine Sosa! May you have a green-minded, este, excellent skull bashing birthday!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Changed for the Better and Worse

Finally! The end of the first week of classes... I was hoping on writing this post since Monday. But today is my only chance of writing because of so many assignments, requirements to bring (one my bag zipper almost popped up because of so many things in it and fortunately my dad fixed it immediately when I got home a while ago), designing of notebook (art materials propped out everyday), and quizzes (imagine!?! Quizzes on the first week!?! Lang'ya).

The point of this post is argue about the new system the DepEd had ordered to all NCR schools. How infuriating! Do we have to walk in and out of the class!? Yes, being back to MunSci is perfectly nice. But I imagined the hard work they (teachers) have had let us through on our first year. How difficult would be on our second one? Surely worse. That made me nervous... and then this "Hi I am Reniel blah blah" or the introduction to one another. I haven't imagined that the system had changed! I thought the grading system is the one going to be changed! And then... I just sat beside Shaine on my first day... talk about worse... that's the worst. Well, I tried making friends with her again. Though, may, you know, pa rin. I hope all of these makes me a better student...

One of my problems before the school year was this commute thingy... I don't know and don't want to commute! That's is why I am not talking to my mother. Well, about commuting... There was this time, that was last Thursday, we had our first choir meeting and practice of school year '07-'08. Well, I can't tell my dad that I will be going home late. Just then, after the practice; missed calls at sandamak-mak na text message from Kim, mom, and especially dad. I called Kim because I know it will be a lot more easier and for me not to wait for her reply anymore. I told her I'll go there in a few moments or so. Well, Marty and Ronerick, who I go with nowadays, have already left, and Jojie's the one left to go with me because she *ehem* lives to at *ehem* Laguna *ehem*. LoL. With that, Jojie wanted to take Bukid rather than Bayan, where I was supposed to meet Kim at 7-Eleven. I called dad because I know he texts slower. Ayun, there was a shouting match... (cannot tell what happened)... I took the Bukid route. And took off in front of Jollibee where Kim and dad are already waiting. I explained that I had a choir practice that's why I didn't reply ASAP and go home late. At home, dad was saying that I didn't call him... Imagine!? Hindi ko daw siya tinawagan!? Tapos sabi ni mommy na pumunta pa daw ako sa Bukid pero malapit na ako sa Bayan!? I didn't even took the Bayan route! And then dad reckons I was using a lame excuse to cover na hindi ko daw siya tinawagan!? How dare him!!

Ooohh... "*cough* midgets! *cough*" I choke whenever we pass onto first years. The only thing I call them that is because 1.) they're small and 2.) they're snob...

I'm proud of having a 100 grade on my English notebook even if the design isn't complete yet! Oh, noes! The only thing is... Ms. Esguerra might be reading this blog right now and some other classmates... Well, after putting my e-mail in my notebook, many of my classmates added me in their Y!M lists.

We have no classes on Monday because the holiday was changed to that day to make our classes consequently. All of our Diagnostic Tests or Pretests were given this first week. All we have to do is make our scores lower. "Mas maganda nga kung hindi niyo na sagutan, eh" one teacher said.

That's all for now! Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!


I'm an official MunSci choir member!! Unlike last December '06...

If you want your blog to be included in the blogroll just tag at the tagboard. Thanks.

If you happen to be Nikki, please, let me know your blog link

Hindi ako aatend sa birthday ni Jastine, BEH!! Baka kung ano pang gawin niyo. Hahaha.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The End of Harry Potter!?...

... how unlikely. I've read a "The End of Harry Potter" at Powerbooks Live last Sunday. The author, David Langford, is well known for a good novel and book critique. It does have some interesting facts about his ideas for the upcoming and last book of Harry Potter. It's a book about what will the 7th and last book of Harry Potter will be, how J.K. Rowling ends the story, etc.

"Harry Potter and the Seventh Seal [...], Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Hallow (woo! That book title is very close) [...], Harry Potter and the Shinanigans (LoL) [...]" wrote the David who was enumerating all fake titles spread by HP fans and some by Warner Bros. agents. There are many fake title enlisted there, though, I don't remember all of them. Certainly, David doesn't know that the last book that will be on the front jacket of the books will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because his book was published before the 7th book title was released.

The End of Harry Potter does have it's moments. He tells us that J.K. leaves clues from her previous books and will come over the future. Don't you know that Minerva McGonagall is really Severus Snape's sister? Just kidding. That means... maybe... the Mimbulus Mimbletonia may have a certain part for the 7th book. Umbridge, who got sacked, I mean, fled from Hogwarts, will come back at the last book. Do you really think Snape is evil? How about considering this opinion. Snape just killed Dumbledore because he musn't break the Unbreakable Vow that he and Narcissa just did at Spinner's End.

Well, let's just try and make J.K. let the cat out of the bag. Unfortunately, Ms. Norris is not the cat. LoL.

'Til next time. Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

PS. Don't forget to buy your copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at July 21! Oh, and as well as The End of Harry Potter. Watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix too.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mimbulus Mimbletonia

This weird plant is called Mimbulus Mimbletonia. A plant Neville got for his fifteenth birthday. As it was described from the book;

"[it] appeared to be a small gray cactus in a pot, except that it was covered with what looked like boils rather than spines"
"It was pulsating slightly, giving it a rather sinister look of some diseased internal organ". lol

What's so interesting about it anyway? Actually, It can squirt thick, stinging, dark green jets of liquid from every boil on the plant if you gave a sharp prod of it with something sharp. Isn't it cool? Haha.

Well, I just wanted to blog about this when Ron Weasley joked about the Hag, the Healer (what the Wizarding world call their doctor), and the Mimbulus Mimbletonia to Madam Rosmerta and didn't laugh. Afterwards, Ron sulked.

Thus, Mimbulus Mimbletonia was also the first password of Gryffindor Tower at the first week at Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Worst Birthday Ever

Yes, you've read it right. Worst birthday ever. Well, you thought I was having fun a while ago when I was online... and yes, I was having fun. Not until we went back home. I was asking for this Pokemon DVD I saw on the way. Well, I thought I could convince mother, but no. She declined. Then, at the supermarket, I asked mother if I could buy myself what I want. She said 'no'. What on earth am I supposed to buy then? 'Something useful'. Anong useful nga eh! We've already bought my needs for school. After that, I've reminisced what we've done at Alabang Town Center today. Did she agree at first to make me look at my former learning center, Kumon? No. Did she agree taking the FX instead of the jeep? No. I tried to take a picture anything on my birthday but I completely forgot. I remembered but I forgot when I became angry.

Let me tell you something. This were the only things we did there:
  • Walk around for a while
  • Pay the cellphone bills (which we disturbingly waited for our number for sooo long)
  • Eat at Shakeys
  • Visit Kumon [because I bugged her]
  • Read at Powerbooks
  • Play at EGG, when I went online for a few mo' because I tried many online games
  • Visit National Bookstore to buy Kim her supplies
  • Then go home taking the jeep

After those, we went in Puregold to order a take-out food at Rice In a Box and buy Coca-Cola. I, then, asked if we could buy W.I.T.C.H for Kim. She said 'no'. I said; 'I'm going to use my money'. She said 'no' again. I asked if we could buy a DVD we could watch then said 'no' again.

But fortunately, those who greeted me raised my spirits slightly. I want to thank them.

  1. Gino who greeted me exactly at 12:00 AM & ...
  2. Jesmon who also did the same and I replied to them in the morning
  3. Kuya Patrick & ...
  4. Jeff who greeted me the time I went online before we go to ATC and greeted me again there when I went online
  5. Cadiz (she's the you-know-who I'm referring to. <3)
  6. Jemboy
  7. Jeremaeh or Maeh for short (SHE STILL REMEMBERS!?! Gosh! Yiheee! <3)
  8. Ken Marvin, yes, I'll evolve na into Quilava!! How 'bout you? Sa February ka pa magiging Dusclops... thanks sa tag
  9. Eidref
  10. Ate Kams & ...
  11. KC & ...
  12. Kim (KHQ) who greeted me because they received somewhat of a mail regarding my birthday ata. Haha. Anyway, thank you!
  13. Alexis & ...
  14. Nedith who still haven't forgot my birthday and just went online to greet me
  15. And to Kuya Mics
  16. Thank you Tita Didie and family. That wonderful email of yours was great! :D

That's all!! Thank you very much for visiting! This is Roonil Wazlib speaking. Haaayyy.....'bye. Eva-? What? Aren't they all complete yet? Hahaha.

  1. Not forgetting them either, hehe. Most importantly Kuya Kev and Kuya Anjo. They're always there to cheer me up... (except for those funny moments of Ronald Weasley at Harry Potter when I'm not online)
  2. To those who I forgot to mention just tag at the board :P

Okay. This'll be the cue. No more intrusions? Okay. Evanesco!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Homework-Eating Pet

This is something I just searched while surfing the 'Net.

I pretty wished King would do that. So I can have a reasonable and different excuse when I don't have homework. Especially at Elective Math or Unified Math...and Araling Panlipunan

This is just a pretty silly post. Short. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco!

Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm an Innocent Child! Honestly! Seriously!

This will be my very first post about nothing but rants!

It all happened two days ago, that was Sunday, when we went to Baclaran for a new set of school pants... I wished bottled-green pants aren't very rare find. When we finished buying pants, my mom found a bag store and made me pick one... Argh! NO! This'll be the first time I will use f@<e bags at school. Then instantly, something popped out... I should have brought King and turn him back to his true owner. Speaking of which.

Trivia: That hand, holding the sunglasses (which is mine), is Kim's. This picture was taken from a Nokia 6070 cellphone. I was holding King's favorite toy to make him look at the camera. I think he's camera-shy, like me...

If you thought that's a human with furry hair on it's face, you thought wrong. That's King. That annoying "dude" keep on getting in my nerves. I mean, wouldn't he stop barking madly everytime he hears a cat meow or scuffle at the top of the roof? Or bark whenever our other dog barks. And can't he just eat his pork?!? He needs to be fooled before he eat his food. Speaking of food and porks... I just happen to think about my cousin... Why did she ever tell mom about my blog!?! She'll just have to sneak in my blog whenever she can't feel my presence. I was thinking about changing my blog link. That nosy, little demon, git! LoL. Speaking of 'nosy', 'git', and 'demon' why is Shaine still my classmate?? How wretched life is...

When my father helps me wash the dishes, he always wets my clothes...grrr... Sometimes I wish that I don't need his aid when he does that. Then afterwards he whines about helping me then I get mad. How stupid!

Silly me! Why didn't I noticed King Padua when I strode past them two days ago. I only saw him when his father said, "Classmate mo yun?". Argh. I didn't have the chance to say "hi" because of that... bag... I was gazing at a Sun Cellular advertisement. I didn't even notice that I was staring right through him. I became taciturn and silent. I pretended to be squeamish about it. And walked straight for the tricycle.

Now... somebody sent this to me

"Somebody just sent this to me...i'm just curious. Right click on the group name of your buddy list and click send message to all . Then copy this info and send this to all the people in this group. A new type of buddy list will appear after you send it . The new buddy list will tell you exactly where someone is, who they are talkin' to, and if they have more than one screen name it tells you what it is ha? it even tells u who r in the Invisible Mode coool =gm="

After I've sent that to some of my list, they all reacted. What!?! I was just trying it!! I'm curious! It'd be cool if there'd be something like that! Don't you dare mock me! LoL. For those who didn't receive this...sorry ka na lang... I stopped sending it after everybody reacted.

I'm feeling a bit down this week... to those who I've confided in, bless you. May dalawa pa akong irarant. First... kung sasabihin mo ay..."parang hindi ka yata excited pumasok. Gusto mo pa atang magbakasyon". Excuse me. This vacation is not enough. The school year ended late tapos maguumpisa ng maaga. Finally, pagtapos naming mamili sa Baclaran nung Linggo, napagisip-isip ko na masyado nang polluted ang mundo. Sana vehicles aren't smoke-belching in the future. Imagine riding in a bubble that doesn't pop. See? O, haha hindi na mapopollute ang Earth sa ganun. Speaking of bubbles, *ehem* before things. I'm going to advertise this. "*drum roll* Meet the Robinsons!!! JUNE 5!!! BUT WHY SOME OF THE TV STATIONS SAID IT'LL BE JUNE 6!?! NEVERMIND!! JUST WATCH MEET THE ROBINSONS!! IT'S A BUBBLE-BLOWING FUN!

PS. To Ate Rachelle: Thanks for the BIG tip and help

PPS. 2 days to go... -__-

PPPS. 6 days to go... -__-

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco!