Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why Cyndaquil?

All of you have been wondering, maybe, why I chose Cyndaquil as my favorite Pokemon. I only replied, "because he's cute and tough..." and nothing more. That's just half of the truth. All of these Cyndaquil craze basically started when I was an avid 5th grader Pokemon fan. I was secretly printing all Pokemon list (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn Pokemon). I caught sight of, yours truly, Cyndaquil. He's not that cute yet that time. One day, nearly Christmas time, I brought this "list" to school so that I could show my classmates that I've found new Pokemon, the Hoenn ones. All of them wanted the list because of the other cute Pokemon. All that was left to me was the one from Chikorita to Furret. I almost cried and I don't know why.
Just then, still that day, in our Arts class we are supposed to sketch whatever we like that has some "Christmas atmosphere" in it. I thought of a wooden cabin with a huge fireplace crackling embers of fire merrily. I drew a huge Christmas tree at the left side of the drawing. Underneath the Christmas tree are small presents, including a "somewhat" stuffed Cyndaquil.
My teacher praised me for that. Thank you, Cyndaquil. Thank you, ol' classmates, for leaving that page to me. And then, when people asks me what my favorite Pokemon is, I reply Cyndaquil because it was the only thing I always remember. I started getting more of Cyndaquil craze after our elementary graduation.
Thnks fr th mmrs, Cyndaquil! Thanks for the memories, Cyndaquil!
Haaayyy...'bye! Evanesco!

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ang babaw naman..