Thursday, May 31, 2007

Worst Birthday Ever

Yes, you've read it right. Worst birthday ever. Well, you thought I was having fun a while ago when I was online... and yes, I was having fun. Not until we went back home. I was asking for this Pokemon DVD I saw on the way. Well, I thought I could convince mother, but no. She declined. Then, at the supermarket, I asked mother if I could buy myself what I want. She said 'no'. What on earth am I supposed to buy then? 'Something useful'. Anong useful nga eh! We've already bought my needs for school. After that, I've reminisced what we've done at Alabang Town Center today. Did she agree at first to make me look at my former learning center, Kumon? No. Did she agree taking the FX instead of the jeep? No. I tried to take a picture anything on my birthday but I completely forgot. I remembered but I forgot when I became angry.

Let me tell you something. This were the only things we did there:
  • Walk around for a while
  • Pay the cellphone bills (which we disturbingly waited for our number for sooo long)
  • Eat at Shakeys
  • Visit Kumon [because I bugged her]
  • Read at Powerbooks
  • Play at EGG, when I went online for a few mo' because I tried many online games
  • Visit National Bookstore to buy Kim her supplies
  • Then go home taking the jeep

After those, we went in Puregold to order a take-out food at Rice In a Box and buy Coca-Cola. I, then, asked if we could buy W.I.T.C.H for Kim. She said 'no'. I said; 'I'm going to use my money'. She said 'no' again. I asked if we could buy a DVD we could watch then said 'no' again.

But fortunately, those who greeted me raised my spirits slightly. I want to thank them.

  1. Gino who greeted me exactly at 12:00 AM & ...
  2. Jesmon who also did the same and I replied to them in the morning
  3. Kuya Patrick & ...
  4. Jeff who greeted me the time I went online before we go to ATC and greeted me again there when I went online
  5. Cadiz (she's the you-know-who I'm referring to. <3)
  6. Jemboy
  7. Jeremaeh or Maeh for short (SHE STILL REMEMBERS!?! Gosh! Yiheee! <3)
  8. Ken Marvin, yes, I'll evolve na into Quilava!! How 'bout you? Sa February ka pa magiging Dusclops... thanks sa tag
  9. Eidref
  10. Ate Kams & ...
  11. KC & ...
  12. Kim (KHQ) who greeted me because they received somewhat of a mail regarding my birthday ata. Haha. Anyway, thank you!
  13. Alexis & ...
  14. Nedith who still haven't forgot my birthday and just went online to greet me
  15. And to Kuya Mics
  16. Thank you Tita Didie and family. That wonderful email of yours was great! :D

That's all!! Thank you very much for visiting! This is Roonil Wazlib speaking. Haaayyy.....'bye. Eva-? What? Aren't they all complete yet? Hahaha.

  1. Not forgetting them either, hehe. Most importantly Kuya Kev and Kuya Anjo. They're always there to cheer me up... (except for those funny moments of Ronald Weasley at Harry Potter when I'm not online)
  2. To those who I forgot to mention just tag at the board :P

Okay. This'll be the cue. No more intrusions? Okay. Evanesco!


Patrick said...

Don't worry Reniel. A birthday is not all about what your mother gives you. Maybe your mom isn't very material in showing her love for you but I believe she really does.

Haha, cheer up. We're always here for you if you need us. ^^

Kev said...

Yoko na mag-advice. Nagawa na ni Pat at Anjo e! Hehe But seriously, do listen to what they have to say ;)

Anyways, happy birthday ulit! And about that gift... No problem. You deserve it Haha

- Kuya Kev :P

Reca said...

@kuya pat, anjo, & kev: that's the problem! They don't tell me what their problem is... that's the point of my post T__T But I'm tired writing it. And it looks like my post will become longer if I explain to much