Monday, November 12, 2007

Poll Results

Fourteen people have participated in this poll. "How's my blog doing?" is the poll question of my blog for almost two months. And the results are the following:

  • Love it! - 4 (28%)
  • Nice - 6 (42%)
  • More posts - 2 (14%)
  • Bleh...! - 2 (14%)

As for the survey I've made; "Gusto niyo ba malaman ang buhay ko? Yes or No?", expectedly, all fifteen (15) answered 'yes'. The following reasons and their answers [and some other comments while surveying them] are:

  • "i pick or , kasi two letters lang small letter pa nauna"
  • "bqT? me meeting kami ng edi. YES"
  • "dagdag mo ako sa poll!"
  • "yes because you were the one who inspired me to start my own, you know?"
  • "oi! sgot ko yes!!!"
  • "yes? ala lng"
  • "yes...of course"
  • "to see how you're doing, kung buhay ka pa "
  • "edi yes..nyek. hai..naku..wak na nga lang..nevamind.."
  • "sabi ni stancy e"
Oh, ayan. Sige! Expect the unexpected post soon. Yes, soon. Er... I still don't want to reveal or spoil it yet. Except yung certain "Leleng" diyan.

By the way, please vote me as... :
  1. Most Intelligent Member
  2. Friendliest/Kindest Member
  3. Mr. 24/7
... in the KHQ Awards! Thanks!

Special thanks to Than-than..., hehe.

That's all. Evanesco!

1 comment:

Than-than said...

nyahaha...wala pa nga akung nagagawa or nasisimulan >_<

thanks agad lols,btw ill do your grpahics as ealy as i can baka before this week *may exams kasi*