Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Filler of Random Thoughts by RECA

A while ago, when I was doing nothing, I decided to do something with my last spare of Cattleya Filler (gayahin ko si Nikki, "They should pay me for the advertisement"). With a pencil on my right hand, I begin to think what use I could make it. Then my post, Lovin' Pencil Style ~ The Material of Random Thinking, came into my mind. I decided to write there things that I'm currently thinking, songs I'm usually singing, or drawings of "different" nature. I already made three Random Thoughts posts a while ago. One was which I am numerating all Pokemon Gym locations and leaders, a post that I'd transfer here, and an unfinished comic strip of Shaine and Kokey killing each other. I was thinking of a stupid conversation of the two, then, killing each other... And I hope the others won't read this! I would only permit those of my very close friends!

That's all for now, Evanesco!

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