Friday, November 09, 2007

Humans Together, Friends Forever

No matter how hectic our lives are, we are definitely one big happy peer. I've never neglected my ol' friends, Tropang Pokemon. We still greet each other, help each other, and go home together. We have already planned for a mall shopping either at SM Tunasan or Festival Mall on our Christmas Party. I guess that now I'm still in Evans, I should stick to my new set of friends. They call themselves Tropang MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall), if my memory serves me right. Though, I think I'm very out-of-place with them. All they talk about is Rondalla, banduria, guitar, instruments, etc. I, myself, is considered as an MPH member. The choir practices there and all activities related to MAPEH takes place at the MPH. But I'll always be with Edrun, Nikki, and Nark. They're the ones I'm mostly close to. To my friends out there; "Hello and thank you for supporting & cheering me, agreeing with me, and sticking with me to good and bad times". I'll always remember you... even those at my previous school, I've never forgotten them.

P.S. Whatever happened to Jeanne!? Classmates, let's go to SM Tunasan at November 16, Friday! After classes, of course.

That's all for now! Evanesco!


Than-than said...

saan kayung mall?
can i know,wala akung kasama out for malling...can i join before i go to makati for vacation~
sana sa festival

T_T i just want to ejoy with my PKMN Fanatic friend[s] i wish also i can have a nice profound discussion with micael *idol!*

Reca said...

nyak. hindi yung mga pkmn-ph folks. yung mga kaberks ko na mahilig sa pokemon ang pinaguusapan, wahihi. anyway, sa festival mall kami. whoo! magchachange yun kung gusto nila sa sm muntinlupa/tunasan

NikKi said...

ui! naiyak naman ako sa post mo. pati sa comment mo sa fs! woohoo!! friends forever ha! sabi mo un! :)

Than-than said...

oh sory ^_^ i mean magiging friend ku...uh btw sasabay lang aku,kasi pupunta lang akung NBS[national books store] and sa Comic Alley,gustu ku lang may kasama lang aku [ayaw ng mga classmates ku] :) if you dont mind,can i join with you in gimmicks?