Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pokémaniac, Indeed

Thanks to Ate Jemma, I have played Pokémon Pearl. From the TV Report of the Red Gyarados to credits roll. Playing Pearl was mostly the only thing I ever did last sembreak. Mom had the impression that I am still at school. The second picture shows Valley Windworks. I recently caught a level twenty-two Drifloon that time. I woke up so early to catch it because that day, Friday, was my cousin's wedding. My starter Pokémon is a Turtwig. Great attack and defense. And I know if it evolves into a Torterra, it will learn a move called Earthquake!

Recently, I have loved Pokémon Contests and Poffin Baking or also called as Pokébread. It's fun mixing the Poffin, though it is tiring... with all the stirring. I just can't get enough of the Visual Round of the Pokémon Contests wherein you could dress-up your Pokémon. And the Dance Round too! Even if I'm missing some of the steps, whoops. The character looks cute when he wears his tuxedo. I wonder what the female version dresses... Oh, and I've competed in the Pokémon Contest with Fantina and the character's mother! I wonder why I'm only the one dressed formally.

Oh, well. I am currently catching Cresselia and Mesprit. I have encountered both a number of times already but they keep fleeing. I'm saving my Masterball for Regigigas. I wish my Riolu would evolve soon. I want a Lucario already!

That's all for now! Evanesco!

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Than-than said...

hope you were enjoying you game ^_^ aku baka hindi ku na lalaruin ung emulator*ds* we have time to claim what we want...but its so very tempting tuwing naiisip ang mga guswto kong makuha o makamit *cries* love it,lets say this is part of my rants this november :)