Saturday, May 26, 2007

What's Happening to Me?

King is making this infernal scratching noise on the floor, trying to dig something maybe or just plain crazy dog. Those creaking noises annoy me everynight and then. I can't afford to sleep. Cockroaches....ewwwww! Those creepy crawlies often crawl up to me everynight. Unfortunately, they didn't bug my sleep last night. I am into a deep sleep.

Yesterday, I was forced by my parents to eat much at dinner. I told them: "Gabi na...konti lang please". My mom stacked another pile of rice at my plate. (Even if was my favorite viand, I don't like to eat much at dinner). Just then, I vomitted because of over-eating...ha ha.

I'm just soooo depressed these last weeks of the summer. As you may well know... the end of May.... is know. Birthday. I never liked birthdays. MY birthdays. I hate growing up. It's like having more responsibilities and lots. I've noticed that whenever I grow a year old, I'm becoming more and more bored. To make it more clearer: I hate my birthday and I hate growing up.

Summit Media's office was the best office I've ever been to. It was so cold in there. And even the guard looks intelligent and kind, he even offered us to take a seat while waiting for Elaine Natividad, the Prize Princes. I'm still not opening mine though, I'm waiting for my cousin.

Uh. The weather is unpredictable for me. I can't stand the heat! I can't stand watching the rain! I can't stand hearing the thundrous roar of the lightning! I can't stand Global Warming! Waahh!! Pano na kaya kung magcocommute ako papuntang school? NOOOOO!!! Ayoko magcommute magisa T__T.

I think I'd end it here or I'll end up saying something more waaaayyy out of topic. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco(disappears)!

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