Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm an Innocent Child! Honestly! Seriously!

This will be my very first post about nothing but rants!

It all happened two days ago, that was Sunday, when we went to Baclaran for a new set of school pants... I wished bottled-green pants aren't very rare find. When we finished buying pants, my mom found a bag store and made me pick one... Argh! NO! This'll be the first time I will use f@<e bags at school. Then instantly, something popped out... I should have brought King and turn him back to his true owner. Speaking of which.

Trivia: That hand, holding the sunglasses (which is mine), is Kim's. This picture was taken from a Nokia 6070 cellphone. I was holding King's favorite toy to make him look at the camera. I think he's camera-shy, like me...

If you thought that's a human with furry hair on it's face, you thought wrong. That's King. That annoying "dude" keep on getting in my nerves. I mean, wouldn't he stop barking madly everytime he hears a cat meow or scuffle at the top of the roof? Or bark whenever our other dog barks. And can't he just eat his pork?!? He needs to be fooled before he eat his food. Speaking of food and porks... I just happen to think about my cousin... Why did she ever tell mom about my blog!?! She'll just have to sneak in my blog whenever she can't feel my presence. I was thinking about changing my blog link. That nosy, little demon, git! LoL. Speaking of 'nosy', 'git', and 'demon' why is Shaine still my classmate?? How wretched life is...

When my father helps me wash the dishes, he always wets my clothes...grrr... Sometimes I wish that I don't need his aid when he does that. Then afterwards he whines about helping me then I get mad. How stupid!

Silly me! Why didn't I noticed King Padua when I strode past them two days ago. I only saw him when his father said, "Classmate mo yun?". Argh. I didn't have the chance to say "hi" because of that... bag... I was gazing at a Sun Cellular advertisement. I didn't even notice that I was staring right through him. I became taciturn and silent. I pretended to be squeamish about it. And walked straight for the tricycle.

Now... somebody sent this to me

"Somebody just sent this to me...i'm just curious. Right click on the group name of your buddy list and click send message to all . Then copy this info and send this to all the people in this group. A new type of buddy list will appear after you send it . The new buddy list will tell you exactly where someone is, who they are talkin' to, and if they have more than one screen name it tells you what it is ha? it even tells u who r in the Invisible Mode coool =gm="

After I've sent that to some of my list, they all reacted. What!?! I was just trying it!! I'm curious! It'd be cool if there'd be something like that! Don't you dare mock me! LoL. For those who didn't receive this...sorry ka na lang... I stopped sending it after everybody reacted.

I'm feeling a bit down this week... to those who I've confided in, bless you. May dalawa pa akong irarant. First... kung sasabihin mo ay..."parang hindi ka yata excited pumasok. Gusto mo pa atang magbakasyon". Excuse me. This vacation is not enough. The school year ended late tapos maguumpisa ng maaga. Finally, pagtapos naming mamili sa Baclaran nung Linggo, napagisip-isip ko na masyado nang polluted ang mundo. Sana vehicles aren't smoke-belching in the future. Imagine riding in a bubble that doesn't pop. See? O, haha hindi na mapopollute ang Earth sa ganun. Speaking of bubbles, *ehem* before things. I'm going to advertise this. "*drum roll* Meet the Robinsons!!! JUNE 5!!! BUT WHY SOME OF THE TV STATIONS SAID IT'LL BE JUNE 6!?! NEVERMIND!! JUST WATCH MEET THE ROBINSONS!! IT'S A BUBBLE-BLOWING FUN!

PS. To Ate Rachelle: Thanks for the BIG tip and help

PPS. 2 days to go... -__-

PPPS. 6 days to go... -__-

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco!

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