Friday, May 25, 2007


Php1-4-5-0!! I need that much money to buy my own copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows without reserving at a bookstore. How could I!? If my friends keep on asking me to treat them on anything they want. As you know me, I couldn't resist saying 'no'...even to my worst *****, Shaine. Well, I still got her as a classmate for the upcoming year. Another misfortunate thing of my life.

Well then, I'll try my very best. It's just P1450. I mean, how long could I save something like that? The book will be out at July 21 anyway, I think.

To all of my incoming II-Evans classmates: Please...'wag muna kayo magpalibre for the first two months of my second year...haha. Magpalibre kayo kung tapos na. *beh* If ever ikaw si Nikki or Edrun; bakit ko kayo ililibre? Haha. Nilibre niyo ba ako ng something big?

Talk about money... Why do adults talk nothing but money?!? Oh well, it still doesn't matter to me just yet.

That's all for now! Haaayyy....'bye! Evanesco!


Patrick said...

alam kong makakaipon ka rin ng 1-4-5-0 p-e-s-o-s !!! ^^

NikKi said...

hoy.. bad k tlga..

naku,kung d m kakampi sa mga "anti-shaine" at "anti-jed"..
matagal n kitang sinakal.. >_<