Thursday, May 24, 2007

May Dismay

The May air is starting to fade. The only exciting happening that occured this month was our swim at Splash Island last May 5, around first week of May. I thought this was a good impression of a good week after that...but no. A certain mishap happened to us and it gravely affected me even if it didn't concerned me.

I continued to hunt for tokens at the K-Zone Website in the hopes of winning a certain console... tama nga naman si Kuya Kev..."Things we do for an X-Box". Joining the K-Zone Scavenger Hunt is tiring. This day, I just became the second placer again. Then again, I know they'll catch up with me on the following day. Everyday I compete with Jacqueline Udquin (as I call; "the fourth placer guy, I mean gal), I think we're the only one who is going up and down... What I mean is, we are the only two who are moving from the Top 5 Hunters.

All I do here at home are eating, hunting tokens, playing GTA: San Adreas (ssshhh!! My dad doesn't want me playing this), washing the dishes, napping, sleeping, watching TV, reading [anything], [trying] to update my Friendster and blog, chatting, researching Pokemon articles, checking my mail, downloading songs for my cousin's MP3, downloading & watching YouTube videos, posting at K-Zone's Forums; the so-called KHQ (short for K-Zone Headquarters), moderating & writing posts at the new PKMN-ph. In short... I'm bored of my life [or perhaps just this month]!

Recently, or just yesterday, my mom, dad, and I went to Insular Life at Alabang to pick something up...dunno what it was. Then, me and my mom went at Muntinlupat Science High School (MunSci) for the Eskuwela Brigada '07. It is where we clean up the school. All the incoming second year are posted for Wednesday, May 23. Eh, our section, II-Evans, is for varsity or anyone who has joined choir, volleyball team, Rondalla, etc. Well, er... when we were cleaning...most of us were...noisy.... That means... Evans is dominated by Aristotle class.

My cousin, who I trust in hunting me points for the K-Zone Scavenger Hunt, who wakes up in the morning to hunt (kasi naman kung kailan maagang-maaga dun mabilis connection sa website ng K-Zone), have gone off for a while at her dad and mum's place at Quezon City. She'll be back this coming Sunday. I'm missing company. [And she hunts faster than my mom!!]

We'll be setting off to the city again tomorrow. My mom and dad's going at uh...dunno. While I claim my prize at the Summit Media office!! Weee!! Miuchiz or was that Muichiz?? Whatever it is, I'm excited.... My first prize, you see...

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'Bye.

P.S. To Mary; If you're reading this, thanks for the chocolate-covered macadamia nut, I do love it. Unfortunately, my other cousin (father side) ate two of them and mom the other. I only ate five. Iadd mo ko sa Y!M reniel_10 username ko. Did you plan for the overnight already?

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Kev said...

Nicely written. And what's this? May special mention pa ako? Made the post even better. :P

Hehe Kidding. Congratulations na lang on making it in the top 2. Wag magalala. Magiging first Hunter ka rin.

''Must. Defeat. halfpipe!''

Haha Kidding again. ;)

Reca said...

NO!! I promised her that I'd be glad on being at 2nd place...*cackle*

Patrick said...

wow hahaha. congrats sa prize and good luck sa hunting! ^^