Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chrismas Smarties

Then again, going to school early is my usual habit. And I've implemented it on the two Christmas parties I had this year.

First, our class Christmas party. Everybody went through that... well, I think except for those cave men. I had already given my presents early in the morning with some of my classmates but not my monito... or monita, heh. And what happens next is the last worst thing that I have heard. Grace, our classmate, had a road accident. Her dad phoned our adviser that we should continue the party without her. As usual, you know what happens next, they reacted to visiting Grace and having the party at the hospital instead. Brains please. Party? Hospital? I asked them, why they had to say that. They told me that it's because Grace shouldn't miss the fun. Wrong answer! Our adviser scolded them (those who attempted to visit Grace) and told them that the party should go on. And you can predict the happenings after that. Of course, a party isn't a party without games. Tapos kainan na! Ngayon naman ay may nawalan ng cellphone. Dumating ang mga parents na late na dalihin yung mga pagkain. I couldn't think of anything worse... Majestically, Grace showed up in the middle of our games! Yey! Then, gift giving! Tapos ayun, malling. Festival Mall

Second! Natuloy ang swimming-slash-Christmas party ng choir! Unfortunately, konti lang kami. Lalo na yung iba diyan na nagsasabing hindi daw sila pinayagan at hindi tuloy nakasama. Matamaan na ang matamaan, beh. *Lol*. I don't want to remember what we ate that time because I always remember that Jeanne and I had ate all the remaining pancit they ate. "Hard to resist" as we said.

How about you? What happened to your 2007 Christmas party? Evanesco!

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