Thursday, December 20, 2007

Battle for the Intrams

Most of the students of MunSci ranted that the intramurals should be continued. The school superintendent had declined on the idea of a four or five day intramurals. Two of our school "leaders" had promoted a petition that would bring back the intramurals for only two days. Students kept on cursing our superintendent. And I, too, was one of them. Who wouldn't want intramurals not to happen? It is just an annual happening and "once in a blue moon" which some of my classmates had agreed upon.

So, intrams... yes, it was a success. But I found it real boring. Not unlike last year. My friends and I stayed inside the movie booth to keep away from the jailers of the jail booth. It is just a waste of ticket and a waste of money which I was planning to buy a new headphone. Going to the movie booth was convenient and useful. I had a chance to watch cool movies I haven't watched before. Like Pirates of the Caribbean and a Korean movie called as Windstrap. But there was this unfortunate time that we ran inside because someone was catching students with glasses and caught up with a horror movie! I hate horror movies! Sadly, after the movie, I was still caught!

If you are thinking about horror booths, yes, I tried it. Horror movies is different from horror booth, see? That means horror movies is not congruent nor parallel nor equal to horror booth. Big difference. It was really creepy inside. And the story the "girl" told us inside was plain pathetic. I've heard of it before, last year... I regretted so much after that. I've missed everything. My classmates had done so much while we waited so long for our turn in that booth! Ang init pa man din sa loob!

To my great discomfort, I was caught again and went to jail booth for bringing a gadget and or device! Laptop! Argh! Well, there are pros and cons for bringing it with me. My laptop now looks like Vista, thanks to Kiel. But it is still XP I would want my OS to change into Vista! My version of XP is genuine.

Ngayon, naghahanda na ako para sa Christmas party bukas... tapos malling... tapos goodbyes... then, Christmas vacation! ... Then school again... nOoOoO...


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