Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Wishlist

Extract from "A Notebook of Random Thoughts by RECA"
December 12, 2007

Random Thought # 2: Christmas Wishlist

There is a news about a world-record longest Christmas wishlist. This had intrigued me and made me make my own wishlist! (If you're planning on giving me a gift, here's a list of what I want hahaha).

  • world peace
  • more friends
  • all editions of Monopoly
  • Pokemon figurines
  • X-Box 360
  • computer headset with microphone
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
  • Rubik's Cube 12 x 12
  • new laptop
  • new Nokia cellphone
  • love (requested by JJ)
  • new set of clothes
  • a trip to Hongkong Disneyland (yes, kahit sa Hongkong lang)
  • visit Trinoma!
  • P1000 share from choir contests earns
  • Uno Stacko
  • Uno Attack
  • Leroy and Stitch DVD
  • Pokemon: Secret Wonders deck
  • a year supply of pencils
  • ride a ferry boat/yatch/limousine
  • newly-improved blog design/layout
  • visit my relatives in either Cagayan or Pangasinan on Christmas day
  • Nintendo Dual Screen Lite
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • have all K-Zone issues
  • violin
  • a faster DSL or broadband internet connection
  • vandal-free armchair at school =P (imposible daw sabi ni Nikki)
  • aircon at full blast on Christmas holidays
  • learn how to play the piano, guitar, and violin
  • pile of blank notebooks
  • watch and read Death Note anime and manga
  • dictionary that includes the word "blog"
  • reconnect the cable connection
  • watch Disney Channel during the Christmas holidays
  • learn how to speak French and Japanese (to understand Pokemon anime, manga, etc. in Japanese)
  • finish the Pokemon anime series
  • 2 GB memory stick/USB
  • year supply of lasagna
  • subscribe to Garfield comics
  • be a wizard, lol
  • regrow King's fur (his fur was cut off when we left him in an animal house when we left for Cagayan)
  • master Photoshop
  • new television and sala set
  • the Christmas spirit lingering everywhere
  • new ideas for future novels
  • always Christmas
  • fulfill my new year's resolution
  • more friends on Friendster
  • visit all mall in the Philippines
  • car!
  • be featured to the media, lol
  • win something
  • Physics and Trigonometry incentives
  • travel through time
  • receive the title "Pokemon Master, freak, addict" whichever you prefer
  • be part of GMA's Countdown to '08
  • meet a GMA artist in real life
  • read/buy all books in Powerbooks Live
  • finish all MunSci Life series
  • not being out-of-place everyday next year
  • have the Christmas Tree standing in the living room
  • decorate the house
  • be able to play all online games for free
  • own credit card
  • Christmas chocolate chip cookies! (cookies for Christmas tastes good for me!)
  • pile of gifts on Christmas
  • grant all of the listed things above
I know some of them could not be granted, hah! But, good luck! *Laughs out loud* Evanesco!

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