Thursday, December 13, 2007

Raw Memories

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday... I still remember all the things that happened those days as if they were yesterday.

I was excused from choir practice last Tuesday. I didn't have the heart of telling all my classmates about what happened and why I would be absent for the next few days. I really don't know why I feel mournful and excited at the same time. Was it because I'm going to see my relatives and have company?

Wednesday morning, we arrived at Aunt Melvie's, Uncle Roding's, and Kuya Marlon's place. Er... their houses are very near each other. As in they're just neighbors. We stayed in Aunt Melvie's house. Unfortunately, the only cousin to welcome us is Precious, a fourth grader. In the afternoon, we went to Tuguegarao City to print dad's picture, shop, pick a coffin design, and pick-up two of my cousins from school. Later that night, all we did was play Monopoly. I thought I would not fall asleep. But whatever, I'm not accustomed in sleeping late when there's nothing much to do... especially when the laptop's charger was forgotten!

Thursday, I was awake early in the morning. Maybe 4 or 5 AM, but I slept back again. When I fully woke up, everyone was at school or work. Ate Leny, my niece, Pamela, and someone I don't know arrived at around 9 in the morning. After eating breakfast, taking a bath, and eating lunch I slept the whole afternoon off. Then Precious and my nephew, Marvin, arrived from school. They brought "Pop Pop" with them. A safe explosive that would go "POP" when you throw them at the wall or ground or any other solid surface. They're very ticklish when thrown to your body. We played Monopoly again when all of my cousins arrived from school. Teacher Ludy, my kindergarten teacher and wife of Kuya Marlon, made me do the liturgy for Saturday.

Friday, wow. There were many guests when I woke up. "Bless ninong, ninang, tita, tito, bestfriend ni daddy, barkada ni daddy, classmate ni daddy" was the only thing my mom tells me whenever I pass the..... you-know-what. And so, that day I babysit nephews and nieces of mine. Grrr... I played with them. I almost lock the door of the room so that they could not see me. They insist they know how to play Monopoly. But they're kids! What do they know about money? And would you win if you would not buy anything except for Boardwalk [Who's out-of-place here?]? I went a trip to Centrough or whatever it's called. I was laughed at when I kept saying 'Centrum'. We bought softdrinks for tomorrow and soup ingredients for the night.
We practiced a song for tomorrow. 'Pati ba naman dito may choir!?'. We sung, played, eat, chatted, etc. that night. My mom reckons that this is what dad wants. Not being mournful. I think this is why I feel numb. My dad doesn't want me to be weak, crying, and should be supporting mom. I think he is also the reason why the stupid laptop charger wasn't brought so that I could concentrate to him and mom. Well, while we're playing Monopoly again, my mom told me that I should ready a speech for the burial tomorrow. I planned not to sleep. But when I decided to read K-Zone and Omnibus for a while in the room, I fell asleep, again!

Saturday! The final day I would be seeing him! Everyone woke up early. After all the readying and dashing and everything, a service took place. It was done in a Methodist style still we have to wear this uh... mourning pin. That's the time where I had to recite my speech too. Aww... flowers, balloons, burial... what's this? It looks like a party to me. The burial was the only time I've cried. After that, we spent the whole day doing last minute bonding with cousins. In the afternoon, we visited the grave and prayed over. Later that night, we ate dinner, packed our bags, and took off for the bus terminal. We didn't catch the Deluxe so we rode a normal bus instead.

Sunday. Home at last. My mom said she would buy me a new pair of rubber shoes. So we went to Festival Mall. Mom bought me a new Pokemon TCG deck while I bought Kim a Rubik's Micro Cube. She was addicted to Rubik's Cube when my cousins taught her how to do it. It's actually a mini Rubik's Cube but as small as a key chain. I was not yet ready to go to school that time.

Ate Jinky, Ate Honey, Kuya Jayvee, Kuya Michael... wah. I miss them! I want more company.

Life should go on, past is past. I don't want to remember this things anymore. We should keep moving forward! Evanesco!

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