Friday, April 20, 2007

Reminiscing Moments: Shaine on You!

Can you imagine if your first friend became your first daring enemy?

Well, I do. Her name is Angelli Shaine Agustin. What's so angel about her? None, I tell you, none! She was the first one who I knew at MunSci. She was also the one whom I am always with during breaks at my first week at MunSci. I thought she would also be my bestfriend in the end, but no. It turned out that not only me has this distinct hate against her. All of our classmates did. But I admire her pluck of making friends in other year, in other section. I wish I was like her, but what am I saying!?

It all started one day in our Science class... we were having our quiz when our teacher told us to move our chairs so that no one would dare to cheat. Unfortunately, our column musn't going to move only the columns beside us. Then, Shaine, shouted at me"Hoy! Move daw!". That time, she borrowed my ballpen, I snarled at her.

Weeks after that, I heard rumors spreading about a girl that has too much pride of herself and/ "mayabang" Someone posted it on the Blind Item corner which we used to have. Then everybody knew it was Shaine. Shaine!!

We had this joke against her from our practice in our speech choir. Let me quote her: "Aris, quiet!...Ayaw niyo ba makinig!? Ayaw niyong magkaroon ng pera!? Ayaw niyong magkaproject!? Bahala kayo!!"

"Shaine on you!" one of us joked. The line was actually "Shame on you!"
"Mamatay ka nun"
"Baka hindi ka makahinga kapag nasa ilalim ka niya"

What I don't understand to myself is... I still remain loyal to her... After what she have done to me. When she asks for something and favors, I always do so. To Jommel(Special mention ka palagi): I don't want to be rude in any way so I still do whatever she asks me to do.

I'll always remember Shaine. 'Til death do us part. xD

'Til my next post. Haaayyy.....'bye. Ooohhh catchy.

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