Friday, April 27, 2007

Reminiscing Moments: Zigzagging Around the Field

March 31, 2007

I was staring deeply at the floor, sleeping... Suddenly, my mom kept on shaking me... "Gising na!" I was half-awake that time.

We arrived at school on time. But there are still some that are missing. We waited and waited until only one is missing. And that is.... uh. Shaine! It was then that....girl seated right beside us! She started borrowing my phone "Kuya, unli ka ba? Pahiram ako ng cell mo patext ako!" Demanding. lol. That's not the point anyway.

Well, our first stop was near Alabang Town Center, a Gonuts Donuts branch. We waited for many long minutes for our tour because each buses take turns. One of my classmate said; "Ma'am, eto na po yung P650 namin?". Minutes passed and it was already our turn. They showed us how they made the doughnuts and gave free samples!

Next stop, Leisure Farm, which was at Lemery, Batangas, but we have to take our lunch before the zigzag roads. Ken, one of my friends, puked (Sorry if I have to post this :D). He's not much that experienced in traveling. Anyway, we arrived there at maybe 11 am. Argh! Some of them took lunch there before the tour! hehe. There was this "Ultimate Mango Tree" that was not that ultimate much. 'Til we discovered that this mango tree grows different kinds of mangoes. I love mangoes! I should have snuck one in my pocket. African Nightcrawlers are their fertilizers in the Leisure Farm. African Nightcrawlers are worms. They grow herbs there that are ingredients to different kinds of food. Just like sodas and mints. We fed the chickens, jolly good! Wonder how they look when they get fried... However, we just passed around the Hydroponics Farm where "they can grow plants without soil!" as said in their pamphlet. We went inside the Flower Farm...oohh. We witnessed how they sprinkle the beautiful tulips that must be sprinkled every hour to make it live. hehe. My camera almost got wet. In the "High On Hybrid" section, we saw eggplants, corns, and many others in utmost beautiful form. Although, these plants and vegetables are *ehem* both male and female. We took a breathtaking tour around the Butterfly Garden where colorful butterflies inhabit. Finally, we got a little souvenir from the E-I-E-I-O farm, a little plant. But that doesn't end the Leisure Farm adventure. We still went to Forest Trail. It's a forest wherein we must cross the trail to enjoy the refreshing presence of nature. Though, those tour guide kept on shaking the hanging bridge and kept me jumping and my classmate's GBA batteries fell down the depths of the jungle. However, mom asked me if we were at Lemery, Batangas when we were on our way to the next destination. How did she know?

After that tiresome 2, or was that 4 hectares, of walking through Leisure Farm, our next stop was at Fantasy World. Fantasy World was said to be the shoot of the GMA telenovela Majika. That time, I'm so tired that I don't want to look around anymore. It was huge. But, no... my friends dragged me and I convinced them that we should rest. They respected me but they took my camera!! I had to look around for them. When I found them, we bought ice cream! Yey!

When I got back home, I relaxed by the living room with my parents.
"Ang layo naman nung pinuntahan niyo, Lemery"
"Leme-what?"I asked. "Ahhh. Lemery...How'd you know we were there?"
"Ginamit ni mommy yung tracker-tracker ba yun?"
"Sabi ko na nga ba eh!! MyGlobe Tracker! Dapat ni no ko na lang yun"....

See the field trip pictures here

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'bye

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