Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reminiscing Moments: DotA Boys

Include Allan, Francis, and [miraculously] Marty. Exclude Andrei, the one at the right most corner. Blocking his face with his hands, holding I dunno
Obviously, their so-called group of "DotA Boys" is derived from DotA, which they looooooove to play after classes (even if there are too many assignments). Mostly, this was their "language". I have just learned how to play it because of them... after that "race" project in Elective Math at Festival Mall. Anyhow, DotA Boys were used to be called as Fed X. Short for Federation X. It was - uhm - founded(?) by Ken Marvin in one of our speech choir practices. Though, Ken's in my league.

Some DotA Boys challenge higher levels and worse of all, they take credits... just to make the other play. Sorry..., DT Boys... Well, the result of all these were two of I-Aristotle got kicked out, one of the top students in Math is -well- ayun, got lower grades, and some haven't passed their requirements at the end of the school year, taking more time in signing clearance.

This new school year, they still got the chance to play though mostly, they're assignments are stacking up... wahehe. Wakokoko (OH NOES!! Kanino ko nakuha yung "wakokoko"?)!

That's all *bow*. Ayoko na mag-reminisce... Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

Credits to Eidref for the pictures.

Yey! Lapit na Order of the Phoenix the movie at yung Deathly Hallows!


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