Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Luck of Evans, II-Edrun, Potatoes and Raisins, and the Transferee

In our first four subject today, no teacher attended their classes. Except for Olea, Diquit, Figuracion, and Esguerra. That kept me remembering the last time Edrun wrote down our section. Instead of II-Evans, he wrote II-Edrun! Mam Esguerra told him off because his paper almost got separated from ours and then Allan laughed. Mam Esguerra made him recite our motto; "To err is human, to forgive is divine".

Osmosis and Diffusion, would they still process when there's no cell membrane? That's what we did in our Science and Technology class. Mam Ventura is not around that time so she gave a seatwork about making a short story or fiction of "The Day the Cell Membrane Stop Working". In my story I wrote about Cembrane the cell membrane that he stopped working because he wanted to rest[...]... Long story... Yes, I know we should only write a short story but I ended up writing a long one. I'm getting the hang of it.

Speaking of Science and Technology, we did this experiment about Osmosis. We were required to bring a potato and a box of raisin. The experiment was quite fun and... uh... I enjoyed eating the rest of the raisins. Later that afternoon, I found myself online at Yahoo! Messenger and some of the second years' status message was about raisins. They said I started it. No I didn't.

The transferee I'm talking about is me. No, I didn't transfer to another school. I was transfered, in our choir, from tenor to bass. That's major problem. I don't want in the bass! I am always tenor! In my previous year, they tried on making me bass, which I was transfered back to tenor. NO, NOT BASS! AYOKO NA! And I'm the big loss of the choir right now. So, kung sino magaling kumanta dito, willing, sure na magaling, confident, malakas ang boses, taga-MunSci, then sali kayo sa choir!

We were pretty darned happy that we were lock inside the english room a while ago. If we were locked inside, then we could have been excused at Figuracion's class. Except that it was opened by one of our classmate kasi unfair daw na kami lang ang ma-lock. Kadayaan. Nagsasaya na kami eh.

I have this veeeerrrrryyyyyyyyy weird and stupid experience with my ><:{}"^&%$#@!*(&)~` classmate..........

That's all for now. Haaayyy.....'bye! Evanesco!

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