Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lucky Daze

So much for the "Lucky Day". Yesterday was 07-07-07. I don't believe in such. We had our choir practice for the contest on September (or was that August?) yesterday. I set out to go our school... It was a lovely weather. When I'm about to ride in a tricycle, somebody splashed something into a puddle and nearly got me wet. In our mid-practice that afternoon, violents winds began to blow, strong downpour too. It's like having Shiftry and Kyogre combined together. I was hoping that Ma'am Ivy would stop the practice but we have to go on. Now, how am I to get home!? And I have no umbrella with me!! Fortunately, JJ, a Laguna resident *cough*, came into existence (LOL), I mean, showed up. After the practice, I tagged along with JJ because he has an umbrella with him. Argh, this dingy umbrella of his was only fit for him! I arrived at home with my pants soaked with a bit water. And I have to worry about the mounds of homework I have to do... So much for the "Lucky Day"....

That's all *bow*. Haaayyy.....'bye. Evanesco!

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