Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weeks Without the 'Net

Finally! I am connected to the internet once again. If you're wondering why - or just really nosy about it - is that we've paid the telephone bill late. Well, they're (the PLDT folks) a bit irritating really. We should have had our internet back last, last Monday. But they needed my father's letter or he should talk to them. I was expecting that it'd be back last, last Monday. I told my classmate I could research for our report only to find out that it wasn't still reconnected. I have skipped choir practice and left early so that I could research. I hate it.

So how was my past week?

There had been many visitors, bringing goods. I had a case of high fever that time and can't eat much. When I was back to normal, another set of visitors came and offered me a huge block of pizza and a meal of sharksfin. Normally, my stomach ached. Not much of a sight, really. We went to the doctor and he informed me that I have hyperacidity. Great. I was hoping of going to school... five more days of absence...

So many typhoons last month and recently we nearly got hit by the typhoon again. Luckily, a relative was staying with us that time and he helped us a lot. Though, classes were put onto four consecutive Saturdays. Our 2nd periodical test was also transferred that time.

The sad news of me not being one of the three lucky winners of the X-Box 360 had vanished once I had started the new MunSci Life 2! And Little Embers is nearly done!

Me, my cousin, and her classmates went to Festival Mall for... - for...buying stuff(?). I had spent a lot of my money on three figurines (Palkia, Turtwig, and Staravia). I have started a debate wherein I mistook Starly's 2nd evolution as Staraptor. The cashier insisted that it was a Staravia and went to look at their poster.

I guess the only thing I could look forward to next week is frog dissection. I do hope no girls will be screaming. Lalo ka na, Nikki. It's a plain, weeny frog. Nothing to be afraid of, unless you've been brought up as a stupid git. I'm planning to take pictures of the frog and put it here! Agree? Of course you do!

That's all for now. Evanesco!

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