Monday, October 08, 2007

A Splash of a Great Story

Magdadissect ba? Magagalit ba si Ma'am Ivy? Anong oras kaya kami ipipick-up?

Mixed emotions came up to me last Saturday. We had our practical test in Biology about the roots, the leaf, chicken wings and feet, and frogs. I thought we're going to dissect and identify the parts of each one, but it was only a question and answer thingy. There were this 10 tables for 10 students per batch. We're forty in Evans, so 4 batches. In these tables lie different species mentioned above. The easiest one landed to me... "Identify yellow", "Is the frog a male or a female?", and "Why is the frog your answer in number **(I forgot)?"... Then, after answering the first three questions, we will transfer to the next table number. I landed to table 6 so I will probably go to table 7. Our teacher said that one of the students in another section got lost searching the tables.

After that 10 minute practical test we're on to doing our english project, making a short story. We went to Antholin's house, the school clinic. Yes, he lives in the school clinic not until now, he lives in Carolina. Well, they didn't start doing the project immediately so I wandered of and check whether our conductor had arrived already. Then, I checked whether either JJ or Jeanne have gone already. As you may hear or see, we have a choir practice that day. Mom called; "Up to what time is your practice?" she asked. "Can you tell your teacher to excuse you to attend only up to 2:30? Tita Lorie will be picking you up by 3. " Of course, I panicked. I thought we're to be picked-up by 4.

JJ had already left when I left for the clinic to check on my groupmates and came back. They we're going to do their project in his house. And Ms. Ivy wasn't still there and it was 1 past! I know if we started late, she won't agree on letting me get excused by 2:30. And she says that whoever can't attend will not join the contest anymore! I asked Jeanne if she would be practicing. She says, she don't know. When 2 o'clock struck, I acted fast. JJ wasn't there and Jeanne and her groupmates need to do their project. We decided to become fugitives, exaggerating really but it was the term one of my classmates told us what we were... We hid to each choir member and dashed to the tricycle when the coast was clear. Free at last!

Arriving home, I quickly paced my self and packed everything we, Kim and I, need for the overnight swimming. Nearly forgetting what I wanted to pack because of that running stuff at school. Anyway, this overnight swimming is actually Mary's (previous classmate) birthday party. When everything's ready, Tita Lorie's car beeped in the front.

It wasn't that much fun without parents hanging around with you and titas and titos asking what you want. The pool was actually connected to the springs and controlled by a machine. The next morning the "kids" played with us. We were playing hanapan. The object is the shower knob. Mary, Kim, and I were the team mates. The kids were tackling us. One of them nearly prodded me on the sharp edge of the pool stairs. They were violent... very. In the end, we won because the "kids" were considering defeat to themselves because we were winning for rounds already. Insolent kids. We went home by 12.

By the time I get home, I played a bit and did this Enhancement Program for Filipino. I was so tired that I gave up and decided to work on it in the morning. We had our Mid-Year Exams today and our classes start from 12-4. So, that means we have extra time in the morning! Still, up to now, I haven't finished that Enhancement Program. Our Mid-Year lasted until 3. So fast because some of the subjects are easy, easy I tell you! Easy! Oh by the way, that overnight swimming left a scorching, painful sun burn on my shoulders. When I carried my bag, it hurts, you know. It hurts.

That's all for now, see ya! Evanesco!

PS. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao!

Magagawa ko ba 'tong Enhancement Program bukas?

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NikKi said...

nakakapanick kaya ung gnawa nyu ni jeanne! pati ako nataranta e! hahaha..