Saturday, October 20, 2007

All In Six Days Flat

Being a Science student can sometimes be fun or tiring. Projects to pass, notebooks to be checked, test papers to be frequented, homeworks to be passed on periodical tests, choir practices, and periodical tests itself. Though, amidst all of these, many activities are done this week. We, students, get to relax today after that periodical test.

Starting Monday, the English Department and the municipality have arranged a "bookfair" with Scholastic, also known as the Scholastic Bookfair when they came to our school during my elementary days. Sadly, during my elementary days, the Scholastic Bookfair doesn't give discounts because I studied in a private school. All of the books were brand new and don't have covers like dirt rags. In this bookfair, they sell books from P30 to not exceeding P295. Those which are P100 and above are brand new books or "unrecycled". It was good, really, but what disappoints me is that there's none of my favorites like "daga" or Geronimo Stilton, Secrets of Droon, Goosebumps, works of Roald Dahl (ex. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) which there is but it was P200+, and Harry Potter (Trip ko lang hanapin, JJ... meron kasi dati sa Scholastic Bookfair namin nung elem). Buti pa yung Series of Unfortunate Events, wala naman nung The End, at Narnia meron...

Ma'am Ivy practiced us this week because we're not able to practice all day, next week and the week after that because she's going to uh... was that Palawan? Tenors are scheduled to practice Monday 3-5 PM (Note to self: P550 daw on Monday!!) and all four voices on Saturday. All these practices for the upcoming contests this November. Graagh! Four contests before the new year??!!

So far, the tests that I know I have a high grade is Filipino and ENGLISH. Party! 45 over 50! Matataasan ko na sana si Cuenco if I answered that plot plot thing or if I perfected the modals.

ATTENTION: Evans... kasi naman eh... pass your computer projects to either Nikki's e-mail or mine ( ipasa niyo bago mag October 23!! Ikocompile pa namin yun! Waah!! Turuan niyo din ako sa HTML... 'Di po ako gagawa ng webpage niyo, ang hirap kaya. Hahaha!

Ayun lang, magdusa lahat ng EVANS!! MWAHAHAHA! (Ginagaya ko si Sir Eman, corny) Evanesco!

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