Monday, September 24, 2007

Brain Wreck

The MOCK Test have ended a while ago. Well, it wasn't that easy even some of the questions appeared in our first periodical test. They changed some answers into something close to the real one. This MOCK Test readies us for the incoming National Achievement Test that may take place next month or after the third quarter, January. I hope it'd be January.

We started answering the part like a personality test after filling out the information about us. I still remember; "What would you do after high school?". My answer? Letter H, 'Take a 4 or 5 technological course' or whatever that is. I would also go for 'Take an entrepreneurial course' but a technological course sounds cooler. Then we'd answer Mathematics, then English, then Science, and Filipino, finally Araling Panlipunan. At the end of the test, we had to check them, supposedly, from 1:05-1:30 PM but we finished the test early and checked them early too. Though, we cannot go out of school before 1:30... My classmates informed us that we also had a jingle practice today for the Science Camp. When we started practicing, I haven't eaten lunch

I went home at 3 PM, exhausted and wanted to rest. Imagine, the day before the MOCK Test is the Musikapella Contest, then this MOCK Test, and jingle practice?! Then, my heck of a mother asked me to accompany her to buy medicine and milk. I told her I'm tired. Though she convinced me after she promised to buy me K-Zone if there was and would take me to Jollibee to have lunch. Then I finally said 'yes' that I'll regret in the end. For one, there was no K-Zone, I only ate a burger and a peach mango pie, and she ain't given me anything... Hmm... natagalan tuloy akong gumawa ng assignment sa A.P. pati sa English. Thanks to Tango... and no thanks sa kagrupo namin ni Edrun!

Paalis na ako mga Evans, Evans, Ehbs, Evans, Evans, Ehbs (=P).... Evanesco!

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