Saturday, January 20, 2007

Harry Potter

Enjoying the new template layout? Well, there'll be more later this month. I'll make sure to get the music back because filelodge's site is underconstruction, unabling me to get any songs. And also please visit my blog at Friendster. I totally convinced myself to update that yesterday because I had nothing to do but surf the 'net. That's what I'm busy with yesterday and today.

Years have passed, Harry Potter became more famous and famous everyday, every month, every year. But as what as I've concluded, people have known Harry Potter on movies and not in the books. Some says its hard to understand because they haven't read the series yet. Otherwise, us readers, are annoyed that some "scenes" in the book are ommited in the movies and some edited. Let's make a comparing in the movies and books shall we?

Harry Potter and the...

...Sorcerer's Stone- I don't remember some of this anymore but, here it goes... In the movie, they didn't show how Hermione split up with them at the scene where Harry would face Quirrel(did I spell it correctly?). Hermione really solved a er...somewhat a puzzle to let Harry pass to get through the obstacles and face Quirrel and Voldy, hehe.

...Chamber of Secrets- The Death Day party wasn't shown. The movie didn't clearly show how Harry and Ron got Crabbe and Goyle's hair and how Hermione got the "essense of Millicent Bullstrode", HAHAHA...

...Prisoner of Azkaban- Quidditch Finals wasn't seen in the movie. Harry received the Firebolt at the end and not when he still didn't know Sirius Black well. It was then that Prof. McGonagall confiscated the Firebolt for examine if there are curses upon it.

...Goblet of Fire- The Dursleys didn't appear in this movie, hehe. Harry dreamt of Hangleton at the Burrow and not at Privet Drive, ^_^. Quidditch World Cup was not fully seen. Winky didn't appear. My favorite part, the Sphinx's riddle wasn't shown.

...Order of the Phoenix- Coming Soon!! This year na!! Yehey!!

...Half-Blood Prince- Coming Soon!! Next year pa siguro!! Wahehe

...Deathly Hallows(not sure)- Coming Soon!! Next, next year siguro!! Waaaaahhh!!! -_-"

Was your attention upon the title of the 7th book? I thought you would!! I've heard about this since last, last, last, last month from a foreign friend. He says this wasn't sure yet so I musn't talk about it yet. But I saw one of the KHQers open a thread about Deathly Hallows. The Do Not Disturb sign at JK Rowling's website is now gone!! And it will open you to a Hangman game to let you guess the 7th book's title.

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