Friday, February 09, 2007

Was it a week or a month?

"Such shame"...those are the words that I caught during our practice on our radio drama of Sepang Loca on our English class. Nothing special, just..uh..sharing? Probably, I have lots to share since I'm not posting for days and days and days.

We had this radio drama about a crazy woman called Sepang Loca. And it was a success. We started our English class very good and ended the week very bad.

Oh, and I forgot to tell about our Math camp last January 26, 2007. It really was an enjoying activity!! I was just to tell about this a week ago but I can't because we've been using this laptop for our recording session of the radio drama.

Then, I had these headache that started Monday noon. I forced myself to stay there but I can't resist. The next day after that, I rested for the whole day with my tita and ates. Ugnh... then there is this that, that I missed, this that I missed, those that I missed, that I haven't passed, which were just inventions of my classmate, which are just only few things that I've missed.

Recently, five of us classmates, made a novel that has us as the bidas. We are making somewhat of a story just like Asian Treasures of GMA. But, in this novel, we joined different kinds of plots and storylines. The title isn't decided yet but our antagonist is final, my classmate Marty. Haha, he says he wants...!! ^_^

A while ago, we saw our rankings (overall, top ten, blah...blah). In the overall, I ranked 110. And in our class, 15 (if there are ties) or 17 (if there are no ties). Lucky, though, last quarter I ranked 23 in class and somewhere in 150+ at the overall.

Until next time, see ya round!!

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