Friday, December 08, 2006

Speech Choir - Spits Choir

We won!! We won!! Actually,... WE WON!! Omigosh...I can't believe that we won. Last Tuesday night, they've announced the winners but I wasn't there because I left school early but still took my place at the speech choir. The next day after the contest, rumors fly by around the 1st years... It's just because of that dove so we won!?! Bah!! No way! All because of a dove? Of course not. Uhm... well, I haven't brought the camera that day. I am supposed to post pictures of the speech choir here. Haha! And also my classmates came out of a joke of spits choir instead of speech choir because some of us - you know, like that principal at That's So Raven -

Pokemania 3 is also coming up at Cartoon Network. 4 back-to-back episodes of Pokemon. Imagine? Just 13 days to watch Pokemon Johto?

Ooohhh. 17 days to go before Christmas Day!!
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much excited.


Anonymous said...

And 12 more days 'till we're off for Christmas vacay.. (At least, to us, it is.) Cool!

Vanessa_Anne_Hudgens said...

Yay! Panalo tayo sa speech choir. Nanalo tayo hindi dahil sa dove kundi malakas tayo, nag dasal tayo ng 3 beses at most important detail, Nagsimba ang FedX at masyadong magaling kaming mga FedX

Reca said...