Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fun at Pangasinan

This Christmas is awesome! There's no other word for it. I wanted to write this entry since Monday but it is sooooo tiring to post that time.
Dec. 22:
This day is our Christmas party! Haha. There's a little blackout that day but it's okay, the party is still on. I received a gift from my classmate, four figurines of Pokemon. Others, meanwhile, promised that they would give me presents next year...maybe. After the party, at home, I packed everything I wanted to bring with me at Pangasinan, our province.
Dec. 23:
I can't sleep very well. I'm so much excited. I waited for 3am to come, then I waked my parents. My parents also said that her officemate, Tita Didie and her family will come with us to Pangasinan. We had so much stopover before Pangasinan. We ate lunch at Jollibee located at Luisita Mall and dinner at my mom's ex-officemate's house. We arrived at Pangasinan almost midnight. We all just slept. It was comfortable sleeping at the bahay-kubo.
Dec. 24:
Today is the day for swimming day! We went to Macaleeng to turn the boat we will use to ferry us to Hundred Island. Before lunch, we took off. There were rough waves splashing about. I was scared that we might sink and shoved off Pangasinan, what a laugh. While the others, specifically Tita Didie's son, Axel, stood up the boat and felt the splashing waves. My nephew, Pamela, cried because she wanted to go home, hehe. There were many resorts there. We picked the most beautiful and swum there. Afterwards, we went island-hopping. There's this cave that has dinosaur uh... marks on the wall. We also saw this island that was labeled: "Pinoy Big Brother".
Later that day, after the Hundred Island touring, we celebrated Noche Buena. They served my favorite Pangasinan dish, Pinapaitan. How delicious!
Dec. 25:
I woke up early, maybe 5am or 4am... I don't know. I wasn't checking the time. I really don't want to go home yet. Even though Globe lacks signal there, I still received text messages, greeting me "Merry Christmas". I also greeted back. The folks decided to leave Pangasinan after lunch.
We went to Tito Boni's house to pick our watermelons. I accidentally er...uhm...dropped one and it cracked. Ooops. How embarrassing.
"Welcome back,"Metro Manila greeted me at 7pm later that day. How boring. I demand to get back!! I want to see my favorite cousin, Ate Anna Mae. Know more about my cousin, Kuya Dodie. Eat more Pinapaitan!! Have more swimming!!
Dec. 26:
This headache...uhgn...I want to update my blog today...
Dec. 27:
Here I am, updating. Here's a sneak peek of the Pangasinan adventure:


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