Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas for me and you

What a busy week I had! Since last week, there were tons of surprises for me to overcome until Christmas. It's been also a while since my last post...

Saturday(Dec. 9, 2006): I was playing at my computer, since there is no MTAP and LEAP program that day, suddenly my tito at Quezon City called at the telephone but I was connected on the 'Net...He tried to call at my mom's cellphone. He said that my grandfather needed a trip to Pangasinan pronto! At 4 PM that day, we left.

Sunday(Dec. 10, 2006): I haven't slept last night... My country cousins loved playing at my GBA SP so they asked me nonstop on how to play it. 1 Pm onwards, we left Pangasinan, leaving lolo behind.

Monday-Friday(Dec. 11-15, 2006): There's no other word to decribe it. BUSY. Veeeeerrrryyy busy. There are lots of summative tests, surprise quizzes, homework, classwork turned to homework adding to the pile. I'm missing the spirit of Christmas...

Saturday(Dec. 16, 2006): My mom tagged me along to her meeting about our Christmas party for next week(that is tomorrow). And a meeting about the complaints of other parents of why their children failed in Math. This doesn't surprise me.

Sunday(Dec. 17, 2006): We went to church at Makati and afterwards buy gifts for my cousin and I's monito or monita. Hehe. The one who I've picked wanted to get a figurine of Pokemon, so mom said that she'd buy tomorrow.

Monday-Wednesday(Dec. 18-20, 2006): Last-minute-tests and homeworks. Some teachers made us do homework while on Christmas vacation. It's barbaric, I say. It is a surprise that Sir Obsequio, our terror elective math teacher, let us play on his time. Many of the teachers doesn't attend classes anymore!

Thursday(Dec. 21, 2006): This is today. Tomorrow, I'm so much excited. What a bummer. I've heard from my parents that we'd go again to Pangasinan on Saturday or maybe Sunday. I've decided not to attend the MunSci Pop Idol & "Bandage"(Battle of the Bands) program tomorrow. I'll be here at home, relaxing by the television with my pet dog King. All things are ready for the Christmas Party tomorrow! We'll be in a paaarrrtttaaayyy mood.

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