Monday, December 31, 2007

Year-Ender Holiday

Christmas holidays this year had been boring. Nothing but stuck inside the room. Good thing that there is the internet that would certainly occupy my boredom. Two weeks for a Christmas vacation. Not enough for a second year like me. It would be if it weren't for that many tests we had and would take. The National Achievement Test, the Division Achievement Test, the MOCK Test, the Division Periodical Test and Teacher-Made Periodical Test we would take next year.

Today... is New Year's Eve. I can't imagine myself writing this blog post in someone else's house... out of boredom. The time is really ticking too fast. If you want to know where I currently am, I am in my tita's home at Quezon City. Boy, having my other cousins with me is sure enjoying. Though, I think they're overusing my laptop a bit..., playing DotA. What could I do? I brought it here because of them. A while ago, I ran their sari-sari store, while they were eating, along with my cousins. Kim will be left here on the following days so I have to enjoy with them for a little longer. I went over to their house at the "other side" of the village or whatever you call it, wherein it includes on crossing a dinky bridge.

Right now, I still think our Christmas vacation is not enough. I've been going nuts about that neglected project on Araling Panlipunan. And I asked my classmate when we met at the municipal hall of Muntinlupa for the Rizal Day yesterday. What holds of my destiny tomorrow... or shall I say, next year? Could it be another year of surprise or same-old, same-old year?

Almost thirty minutes from now, it'll be New Year!

Happy New Year, guys! Evanesco!

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