Sunday, November 19, 2006

Christmas is coming...

Hey there! It's been a long time since my last post. It's just been a very busy weeks, days,...that looks like years to me. Today we went to SM Makati to buy things for our Science and Technology tomorrow. I've got this frantic cellphone messages that Manny Pacquiao won at the third round.

However, arriving from church and shopping, our neighbors were screaming noisily. I think they were overjoyed of Pacquiao winning. Well, it's in his hands the glory of our country will be redeemed.

Yesterday was our card giving..., giving me a headache, ugh! Don't even think of asking me what is my rank. Nonetheless, I'll perfecto them this quarter. I'm really so much excited for the Christmas, presents, Christmas tree, presents, caroling, presents, feast, presents, family bonding, AND PRESENTS!!

Haaaayyyy... more summative tests, pop quizzes, seatworks, assignments, and recitation to come before holidays. Oh, and this "Salakot dance". But those who are joining the camping on Subic will be exempted. What do you think? Will I join at the field demo Salakot dance or at the camping jamboree?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Manny's win did create a whole lot of buzz. Hope he continues to become a champion but still remains grounded.

We, too have many stuff to finish at school, but that's alright. December's fast approaching so, Christmas vacation's near!

Card giving can sometimes be devastating. Glad mine's over and ended up still in one piece.

I'd go with the second pick. Come on, it's ''camping in Subic''! Those 3 words are enough to make me say yes. ^_^ Just what will you do in the Salakot dance?

Reca said...

Dance of the Muntinlupa Sports Complex with MANY, yes, MANY people...

I think it would be on December

Anonymous said...

So, have you made your decision yet? (This question makes more sense than the previous one I asked. Of course, it's a dance! Haha..)